Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 6.4

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Huge Slate Alert! Tons of ways to go tonight so be mindful of that when making lineups. Think Critically! If you have comments/questions/concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out so we can walk you through your decisions. On to the slate..

Braves: Tonight the Braves are going up against Steven Brault. This dude is terrible. 5.54 xFIP (!!!) under 20% K-rate, nearly 45% hard contact, and a swinging strike rate of 8.9%. While he does well against lefties, he is getting manhandled by righties. Letting up a .413 wOBA, a .224 ISO, and a 12% K-rate, lends itself quite well for the Righties here tonight. Acuna, Swanson and Riley (small sample, but showing legit skills) all have over a .400 wOBA and .240 ISO to lefties this season. Don’t forget about Freeman, who also does well against lefties and is one of the best hitters in the game. Albies has found himself near the bottom of the lineup, but I expect things to turn around for him soon and you’ll want to be on him when he does. 

Orioles: I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me talk about them, but I only do it when it’s warranted. These guys have turned into somewhat of a decent team against lefties. Now look, they are a bad team. With that being said, there are times when you can use them, and tonight is one of them. In case you haven’t watched baseball or been playing the last few years, Drew Smyly is bad and is in a park that doesn’t do him any favors. With a 6.15 xFIP, nearly 50% fly ball rate, a ridiculous 55% hard contact rate, and a swinging strike rate under 9, I think it’s going to be one of those spots for the O’s. The Orioles aren’t really a team where I would go and use anyone. They are a team where (usually) you have to nail down the guys to use. Alberto, Mancini, Nunez, Severino, and then to a lesser extent, Villar and Smith are your guys tonight. In order of my favorites, Mancini, Nunez, Severino, and Alberto all have over a .414 wOBA to lefties. Be careful with them because this team is full of strike outs and could tank your lineups at any moment. Tonight I’ll take that risk.

Dodgers: I hate to bring them back up, but the spots they find themselves in always have me gravitating to them. Tonight they go up against Taylor Clarke. He may not be the worst pitcher on the slate, but he really gets frustrated with lefties. Do I even need to mention the lefties on the Dodgers at this point? All the standard culprits, but a few notes about a couple of them. Seager seems to be finding his game again, seemingly back to pre-injury form. Bellinger had the night off last night. For fantasy purposes his last handful of games haven’t been good. Having a night off and coming back to the plate against Clarke, should be a recipe for success.

Honorable Mention:

  • Red Sox, Rangers Nationals, Rockies

Pitchers To Consider:

  • Snell
  • Ryu
  • Strasburg
  • Castillo
  • Canning
  • Fried
  • Rodriguez
  • Anderson
  • Eickhoff

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