Miz Taeks – GPP Stacks 6.5

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Welcome Back! Hopefully you read the article last night where we had the Braves, Orioles, and Dodgers listed as our top 3 stacks. They all did very well, so hopefully you did too!

Angels: Tonight the Angels are going up against David Mengden and the A’s. Mengden’s numbers have the benefit of playing in a pitcher’s park, but tonight they are in Angels Stadium. Mengden is allowing 45% hard contact, a 41% fly ball rate, and carrying a gross 5.75 xFIP. Add on the fact that he can’t get strikeouts, can’t get people to chase , and is finding himself behind in the count quite often… doesn’t look good. Let’s not forget that the Angels are one of the top teams in Not striking out either. I expect a lot of balls in play here tonight in Angels stadium, one that has become a hitters park over the last year and a half. Mengden is really getting taken advantage of by lefties allowing a .344 wOBA. La Stella (having a great year), Ohtani and Calhoun have a wOBA over .300 to righties with Ohtani having the lowest, but also a smaller sample. Add in one of the best hitters of our generation in Trout and you have a recipe for success. I also really like Goodwin and no one ever plays him. Feel free to us Ole’ Albert, but I don’t think he’s a necessity.   

Mets: I bet you didn’t expect me to list them today. Tonight they go up against Tyler Beede. Another guy that benefits from his home park! However the Mets don’t really have a hitters park either, yet I think this is a spot at a little lower ownership we can attack. Beede has a xFIP over 6 so I don’t really expect him to do well. He really gets beaten up by lefties, but I will say its a smaller sample. I’m willing to take a shot here with the Mets getting healthy again with the following: Conforto, Alonso, McNeil, and Cano. Beede could only go a few innings, but I’m not scared of the bullpen either. *Watch the weather here there is rain in the forecast*

I don’t really like much else enough to write them up and am not going to write something for the sake of writing. I will list honorable mention teams, but they should come at no surprise.

Honorable Mention:

  • Red Sox
  • Twins
  • Rays
  • Brewers

Pitchers to Consider:

  • Sale
  • Marquez
  • Perez
  • Darvish
  • Nelson

Dumpster Divers:

  • Pena
  • Gausman (Fanduel)


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