Miz Taeks – Weekend Edition

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Astros: tonight they are going up against Hector Velazquez who has potential at times, but this is a terrible spot for him. While hes a ground ball pitcher, he still has a 4.17 xFip, 15.6 K-rate, a 8.4% swinging strike rate, and a terrible 81.2% contact rate. Houston has arguably the best hitters in baseball, especially if you are going to give them pitches to hit. Bregman, Springer, Brantley, Correa lead the pack, but don’t be afraid to mix in the other guys in the lineup to be a bit different. Nearly the whole team has a wOba over .300 and nearly a .200 ISO. I really like Chirinos at catcher on DK if he’s in the lineup.


Angels: Jacob Junis was a guy we used to be able to use, but he’s really fallen off. Rocking a 4.31 xFIP, nearly 40% hard contact rate, a wOba over .330 to both sides of the plate, and a 35% fly ball rate. The angels are starting to get into a groove now that Ohtani is back, and this is a perfect matchup for them to put up some runs. Nearly the entire team has a wOba over .300 and we already know who the power bats are in Trout and Ohtani. Not to be undone, La Stella is having a career year, and I will be going back to him again here. In order, Trout, Ohtani, La Stella, Calhoun, Goodwin, Simmons, Pujols.


D-Backs: oohhh you ready for the ballzy stack or what? While I like Mad Bum a lot, this has a sneaky feel to it. Bumgardner has pretty good stats in all the major categories so I’m not going to bother talking about them. He does extremely well vs lefties, but his kryponite is righties. Almost the entire lineup here for Arizona is right handed. Righties are getting a lot of hard contact against him, and hitting them hard with an exit velocity of 90+mph. There’s potential for Bum to do well as the D-Backs do strike out, but this is a good spot for the likely low owned D-Backs. In order, Marte, Escobar, Walker, Jones, Ahmed, Flores, Kelly, Peralta


Pitchers To Consider:

  • Canning
  • Strasburg
  • Lester
  • Martin

Dumpster Diving:

  • Anderson
  • Godley


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