MLB DFS Preview 2020

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MLB is back! The kids are ready to play! July 23rd is the day and it’s our job to get you right on track. I will be showing you what stats to use to select pitchers and hitters for your DFS contests plus some of the top MLB plays for the upcoming MLB 2020 season!

The Changes

The following rule changes have been implemented that will affect DFS lineup building:

National League DH- Designated Hitter has been added to NL rosters. What does this mean? NL teams can now be stacked towards the bottom of the order and we can now use wrap around stacks.

3 Batter-Minimum for RP– Relief pitchers must now face a minimum of 3 batters. With the combination of the DH and the new 3 batter for RP rule we will see less batters with major splits getting pinch hit for; especially left handed bats.

Roster Size- 30 man active roster to start the season (25 in previous seasons); 28 players after two weeks and down to 26 one month into the season. A few extra bats and arms to start the season so we may see shorter outings by starting pitchers. This may affect how much we want to pay up for the elite starters early in the season.

Players Opting Out Of The 2020 Season


Pitching Metrics

K/9 (Strikeouts per 9). Strikeouts are DFS gold for pitchers (FD- 3 pts/DK- 2pts). Look for pitchers that average a strikeout per inning as your top SP’s (Starting Pitchers).

9.0 K/9 Elite

7.7 K/9 Average

Top K/9 Pitchers in 2020

  1. Gerrit Cole (NYY) – 13.818
  2. Max Scherzer (WAS)- 12.691
  3. Robbie Ray (AZ)- 12.132
  4. Justin Verlander (HOU) – 12.108
  5. Lucas Giolito (CWS)- 11.615

Gerrit Cole (NY Yankees) K/9 Leader 2019

FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) More accurate than ERA and shows us how a pitcher is really performing

Excellent- 3.20

Great- 3.50

Average- 4.20

Below Average- 4.40

2019 FIP Leaders

  1. Max Scherzer (WAS) – 2.45
  2. Gerrit Cole (NYY)- 2.65
  3. Jacob deGrom (NYM)- 2.67
  4. Charlie Morton (RAYS)- 2.81
  5. Walker Buehler (LAD)- 3.01

Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals) 2019 FIP Leader

WHIP (Walks-Hits/IP)– How well a pitcher keeps runners off the base paths

Excellent- 1.00 or lower

Great- 1.10

Average- 1.30

Below Average- 1.40

2019 WHIP Leaders

  1. Justin Verlander (HOU)- 0.80
  2. Gerrit Cole (NYY)- 0.89
  3. Jack Flaherty (CARDS) – 0.97
  4. Jacob deGrom (NYM)- 0.97
  5. Zack Greinke (HOU)- 0.98

Justin Verlander (Houston Astros) 2019 WHIP Leader

The Top Plays

Top 10 DFS Pitchers

  1. Gerrit Cole (NYY)
  2. Jacob deGrom (NYM)
  3. Max Scherzer (NATS)
  4. Justin Verlander
  5. Jack Flaherty (CARDS)
  6. Walker Buehler (LAD)
  7. Shane Bieber (CLEVE)
  8. Blake Snell (RAYS)
  9. Mike Clevinger (CLEVE)
  10. Chris Sale (BOS)

Top 3 Breakout Pitchers in 2020

  1. Dinelson Lamet (SDP)
  2. Mitch Keller (PITT)
  3. Brendan McKay (RAYS)

5 Veteran Pitchers that can still win a GPP

  1. Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
  2. Trevor Bauer (CINC)
  3. Sean Manaea (OAK)
  4. Aaron Nola (PHIL)
  5. James Paxton (NYY)

Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers)


Hitting Metrics

OBP (On Base Percentage)– Hitters that give you a safe floor (for cash games).

Excellent- .390 or above

Great– .370 or above

Average- .320 or above

Below Average- .310 or above

2019 OBP Leaders

  1. Mike Trout (LAA)- .438
  2. Christian Yelich (MIL)- .429
  3. Alex Bregman (HOU)- .423
  4. Anthony Rendon (LAA)- .412
  5. Cody Bellinger (LAD)- .406

Mike Trout (LA Angels) 2019 OBP Leader

ISO (Isolated Power)–  A measure of a hitter’s raw power; how often a player hits for extra bases.  Extra bases in DFS is MONEY.  Top GPP lineup stat.

Excellent-  .250 or above

Great- .200

Average-  .140

Below Average-  .120

2019 ISO Leaders

  1. Mike Trout (LAA) – .353
  2. Christian Yelich (MIL)- .342
  3. Nelson Cruz (MINN)- .328
  4. Cody Bellinger (LAD)-  .324
  5. Peter Alonso (NYM)-  .323


Mike Trout (LA Angels) 2019 ISO Leader

wOBA (Weighted On Base Average) – Most important statistic that shows a batters overall offensive value. Top CASH lineup stat.

Excellent-  .400

Great-  .370

Average-  .320

Below Average-  .310

2019 WOBA leaders

  1. Christian Yelich (MIL)-  .442
  2. Mike Trout (LAA)-  .436
  3. Alex Bregman (HOU)-  .418
  4. Nelson Cruz (MIN)-  .417
  5. Cody Bellinger (LAD)-  .415

Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers) 2019 wOBA Leader

The Top Plays

Top 10 Overall DFS Hitters

  1. Mike Trout (LAA) OF
  2. Ronald Acuna (ATL) OF
  3. Mookie Betts (LAD) OF
  4. Christian Yelich (MIL) OF
  5. Francisco Lindor (CLEVE) SS
  6. Cody Bellinger (LAD) OF/1B
  7. Trevor Story (COLO) SS
  8. Trea Turner (WAS) SS
  9. Juan Soto (WAS) OF
  10. Nolan Arenado (COLO) 3B


Top 5 Breakout Hitters

  1. Eloy Jimenez (CWS)
  2. Miguel Andujar (NYY)
  3. Trent Grisham (SDP)
  4. Michael Chavis (BOS)
  5. Victor Robles (WAS)

Eloy Jiminez (Chicago White Sox) Breakout Candidate


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