MLS Double Showdown Monday 7/13

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What to expect from this article:  I will be breaking down a preferred player pool by position and having notes about specific matchups.  Once we see some games played we can possibly provide an expected lineup and formations.  Lineups usually release about 30-90 minutes before a game, so my best advice is jump into our Discord Chat and our Team can advise you of lineup plays and questions can be asked. Good Luck!

DFS Soccer Run-down:  

We will be targeting two different type of lineup builds between DK and FD.

On Draftkings you are awarded for crosses and will want players that accumulate stats by playing wide, attacking or on set pieces.  When a player is on “Sets” this simply means he is favored to be the player on the ball for corner kicks and free kicks.  Each corner kick usually results in a cross and you will see guys accrue a goals worth of fantasy points by crosses alone.  Shots on goal are also a juicy stat but much harder to predict.  So generally if you hear a guy is on “Sets” then he will be a target for DK and even more so if he is on a betting favorite.  DFS Soccer has a lot to do with possession of the ball.  The more a team has the ball, then ideally the more. stats they can accrue.  

Fanduel works a bit differently as Goals and tackles are much more of a desired stat and Goal scorers and Centre backs (CBs) come in to play.  You can still accrue stats but picking out the goal scorers becomes much more important.  Also having a winning goalkeeper is much more important because of their scoring system.

Diagram Key:  RED CIRCLES (Set takers/Preferred CASH plays), GREEN CIRCLES (CASH plays), YELLOW SQUARE (GPP plays)…If a Player is underlined in Red it means he has taken SET pieces before and could steal a few.

**Be Sure to check back 30-60 minutes before lock for updates**

Expected Lineups (Based off previous game)

Los Angeles FC vs Houston (CONFIRMED LINEUP)

**UPDATE:  Holy Alberth Elis sighting.  Quintero is also in and as a Dynamo fan this is going to be a Lit lineup.  After some thought I feel Brian Rodriguez may grab SET pieces here with Rossi and maybe Blessing/Kaye nabbing a few.  Quintero seems likely to get SETs for Houston so I will plant my flag there.  Quintero and Elis are both strong plays.  Elis is a hothead but maybe in a controlled environment he can let his uber talent take over from his crappy attitude.  Lundqvist is central and I am not sure how certain that is since he is generally a wide fullback.  so maybe we get some kind of rotation,  He is prob more GPP honestly.  BWP starts up top with Rossi and BRod and the former RBNY player has a bit of a CASH player in him so he is an intriguing option for GPP.**



Game notes:  Quick note here….MLS has been hot garbage in regards to getting out confirmed lineups consistently.  It should not be such an ordeal since they are basically playing in a bubble and there should be no surprises yet here we are!  Thanks 2020….SO back to the analysis and not feeling bad for me as the Tout.  Carlos Vela is the GOAT of MLS.  He is the equivalent to Leo Messi and Kevin De Bruyne but *Hot Take Alert* he is actually even better than those since the level of competition he faces leaves a wider talent gap between world class players and mediocre ones.  He would be an absolute lock here BUT VELA HAS OPTED OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT due to his wife being pregnant.  Now LAFC is a better team than my hometown Dynamo but Houston won’t roll over here.  The SET takers for Houston get dicey as four to five guys at any time can get on some SETs but I think the Left back Adam Lundqvist should be the primary.  Houston has not started this season very well but with the pandemic hitting maybe they come out and look much better.  Mauro Manotas is a true striker and should be considered in GPP especially if this one has goals.  LAFC defense is not that good but their offense is ELITE.  Diego Rossi is another World class talent and can play any forward position.  Rossi may just take the Vela role here so he is probably a LOCK.  Brian Rodriguez is an excellent attacker as well and has more of a GPP feel to his game but truth be told all of the LAFC players, minus the two center backs, are CASH worthy.  If Darwin Quintero makes an appearance for Houston I will be very interested as I think he may get SET pieces.  Tomas Martinez, Zarek Valentin and even MnNamara are great cheap value plays.

La Galaxy vs Portland (CONFIRMED LINEUP)

**UPDATE:  Pavon should dominate SET pieces here and Lletget could sneak a few.  Valeri is in so lock him into lineups and consider Blanco also as a high upside piece.  Dunbar and Williamson are both players I have not seen before so I am interested to see if my CASH analysis holds up on them.  If you think Chicharito scores play him!  I guarantee he will be owned in CASH.**

Game Notes:  This game should be much closer and very good to watch.  Diego Valeri is the do it all SET taker for Portland and has been one of the best and most consistent players in MLS.  His floor is very high and is basically Carlos Vela “light” when it comes to how we treat him.  He will or should be 100% owned here so we can start there.  It is hard to prioritize who we like more because LA has its own superstar in Cristian Pavon who is always a threat to light up the box score.  Pavon has taken the mantle of the Galaxy’s flag bearer after Zlatan Ibrahimovic took his ball and ran to AC Milan.  Ibra was always destined for European football after he go bored with MLS so we get his replacement in a former EPL and world traveled striker Chicharito.  Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is talented still even after he lost a step or two and he plans to score a lot of goals in LA.  His name recognition alone will garner him ownership.  Be careful as at this point of his career he is a sub risk and a boom bust type off player.  Jonathan Dos Santos will be a cheap SET taker we should prioritize in CASH games.  The Mexican national team player should have a good floor and he is always cheap in Showdown.  Blanco and Chara are both good upside wingers to consider for Portland but outside of Valeri and these two wingers I really only like their fullbacks.  For LA I think we see some rotation here and it will be essential for you to be in our PREMIUM DISCORD to get the updated info!!


  1. I do not Tout GKs for Dfs soccer because anything can happen.  Here is my thoughts though for this position.  
  2. Try to not play a GK against your attacking players.  Unless it is a small slate (3 games or less).
  3. I usually don’t like to pay up for GK unless I think the bottom of the pool Keepers could legitimately go negative.  
  4. GKs can be scored on and still be great plays.  Saving a shot on goal and giving up a goal can net a zero.  Clean sheet bonuses and wins both give you Dfs points but it is much easier to predict shot volume against than predicting clean sheets.  I have seen -15000 favorites give up a goal in soccer so nothing is for certain.  If you pay at GK for a huge favorite you may not have your GK see any shots at all which severely hampers your upside.
  5. I usually target the Cheapest GK (normally playing at home) that isn’t against the huge favorites.  

Do not forget to get in our Discord Chat.  The Author of this article may not play all the plays listed, as these plays could change based of confirmed lineups.  This article is meant to help with the lineup production process.  Good Luck!

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