MLS IS BACK!! $$$ Showdown Special 7/8 Orlando SC vs Miami CF

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What to expect from this article:  I will be breaking down a preferred player pool by position and having notes about specific matchups.  Once we see some games played we can possibly provide an expected lineup and formations.  Lineups usually release about 30-90 minutes before a game, so my best advice is jump into our Discord Chat and our Team can advise you of lineup plays and questions can be asked. Good Luck!

DFS Soccer Run-down:  

We will be targeting two different type of lineup builds between DK and FD.

On Draftkings you are awarded for crosses and will want players that accumulate stats by playing wide, attacking or on. set pieces.  When a player is on “Sets” this simply means he is favored to be the player on the ball for corner kicks and free kicks.  Each corner kick usually results in a cross and you will see guys accrue a goals worth of fantasy points by crosses alone.  Shots on goal are also a juicy stat but much harder to predict.  So generally if you hear a guy is on “Sets” then he will be a target for DK and even more so if he is on a betting favorite.  DFS Soccer has a lot to do with possession of the ball.  The more a team has the ball, then ideally the more. stats they can accrue.  

Fanduel works a bit differently as Goals and tackles are much more of a desired stat and Goal scorers and Centre backs (CBs) come in to play.  You can still accrue stats but picking out the goal scorers becomes much more important.  Also having a winning goalkeeper is much more important because of their scoring system.

Diagram Key:  RED CIRCLES (Set takers/Preferred CASH plays), GREEN CIRCLES (CASH plays), YELLOW SQUARE (GPP plays)…If a Player is underlined in Red it means he has taken SET pieces before and could steal a few.

**Be Sure to check back 30-60 minutes before lock for updates**

Expected Lineups (I have included their most recent game lineups as expected lineups are not available)



**Update:  We have Lewis Morgan confirmed so he is a CORE play for me.  Sweat is also confirmed and a good CASH play while Pellegrini is a high upside goal scorer or for Miami.  They will run a 3-4-3 lineup so Agudelo is also a good upside option here.  Robles is the starting keeper.  We are still waiting on Orlando …..**

Game notes:  MLS is back and we get a nice Showdown with good prize pools and two teams that are good to watch and play from a DFS standpoint.  Lewis Morgan is my FAVORITE play and a LOCK today as he has brought this new Miami CF team into the MLS stage with a bang.  He played European football and has talent and Class to his game.  He should be all over SET pieces for Miami.  I have tagged a few CASH and GPP plays but I am interested to see if they use a wingback formation as listed above or a more traditional 4-2-3-1 with holding Midfielders.  I think the latter is more likely.  Orlando have always underachieved in past years even with Nani who was a former Manchester United player leading them.  They have 3 players who could be on SET pieces in (Mueller, Pereyra and Moutinho) and they can play all over the formation.  This is usually the case for MLS players as the talent pool does not run as deep.  I will have more notes when we get some expected lineups but for now the BOLD guys are your building blocks!


  1. I do not Tout GKs for Dfs soccer because anything can happen.  Here is my thoughts though for this position.  
  2. Try to not play a GK against your attacking players.  Unless it is a small slate (3 games or less).
  3. I usually don’t like to pay up for GK unless I think the bottom of the pool Keepers could legitimately go negative.  
  4. GKs can be scored on and still be great plays.  Saving a shot on goal and giving up a goal can net a zero.  Clean sheet bonuses and wins both give you Dfs points but it is much easier to predict shot volume against than predicting clean sheets.  I have seen -15000 favorites give up a goal in soccer so nothing is for certain.  If you pay at GK for a huge favorite you may not have your GK see any shots at all which severely hampers your upside.
  5. I usually target the Cheapest GK (normally playing at home) that isn’t against the huge favorites.  

Do not forget to get in our Discord Chat.  The Author of this article may not play all the plays listed, as these plays could change based of confirmed lineups.  This article is meant to help with the lineup production process.  Good Luck!

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