Nascar Xfinity Series – LS Tractor 200

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Cup Drivers -  So i can sit here and preach to you about how you need to have either Kyle Busch and Brad K in your lineups. Well that statement is true and until we see qualifying, i cant tell you which on to pick. Honestly, both with punts might be the way to go in this race, but we wont know till we see starting spots. Kyle Busch has had an average of 2nd place in his last 2  xfinity races here at Phoenix and Brad K hasnt raced here since 2018 (in xfinity series) and he wont that race as well.

Austin Cindric - Im going right back with Cindric this weekend. Most people will be on Allgiaer, but his car isnt running like it has in years past. Cindric on the other hand has 2 top 3 finishes this year. He has been so close to winning races, its a matter of time before he wins his first race of the year. Look for him to give the 2 cup drivers a run for their money this weekend.

Mid Tier Targets

Ryan Sieg - I might sound like a broken record, if you read last week's article then you saw that Sieg had 0 top 10 finishes at Auto Club Speedway and yet he finished 4th. This week, Seig comes into Phoenix have 1 top 10 finish in 13 tries. Something is different about this RSS racing car this year. Sieg is driving smart and driving to win races. Look for him to get his 4th (yes i said 4th) straight top 10 finish of the year.

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Season Standings


Top Tier Targets

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Nascar Xfinity Series - LS Tractor 200
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