Nascar Xfinity Series – Production Alliance Group 300

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Justin Allgaier - Allgaier has raced here 11 times in his Xfinity career. He has posted 6 top 10s and 1 top 5 (being a 2nd place finish). Justin posted top 10 speeds in both practice runs today. I can see Justin qualifying in the top 5 tomorrow and running most the race inside the top 5, while contending for his first victory here.

Austin Cindric - Cindric looked like he was going to take the win last week in Vegas, took the lead on lap 124 and kept the lead through the green flag pit stops. Caution came out and Cindric lost the lead on the restart to Chase Briscoe (race winner) and lost by 2.87 seconds. Cindric has looked fast all weekend long and looks like he has great command of his car. In his 2 starts here, he has 1 top 10 finish (finished 6th). Cindric is really dialed in this year and i see a win coming sooner rather than later for him.

Mid Tier Targets

Ryan Sieg - Seig has never finished inside the top 10 at Auto Club Speedway in 6 tries. His best finish here has been 11th. But Something looks different about Seig this year, so far he has 2 top 10 finishes and doesnt look like he is slowing down. Look for Seig to break his top 10 less streak this weekend and get his first top 10 finish.

Josh Williams - Williams finished 13th last week at Vegas and it meant the world to him. He is a self owning team, he even helps work on his car during the week. Williams said after the first practice that he really liked where his car was and how it was running throughout the run. While his best finish here is 25th, if he can find the right groove and not make mistakes, i see a top 15 finish from him.

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Season Standings


Top Tier Targets

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Nascar Xfinity Series - Production Alliance Group 300
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