NBA DFS Breakdown (Free) 1/10

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Atlanta Hawks 

  • Young – Young vs the Wizards, sign me up
  • Collins – No one from Washington will be able to slow him down tonight, almost 2K savings off Young
  • Reddish – Reddish only seems to do good vs lesser opponents. 
  • Huerter – finally starting to see last year’s Huerter. Love this spot and price for him 

Washington Wizards 

  • Beal – Need to watch news
  • McCrae – Been so chalky with Beal out, but has sucked the last 2 games. I am iffy on him tonight even vs the Hawks if Beal misses
  • Bertans – is back tonight! need to watch for mins. love this spot with less weapons on offense. 
  • Brown Jr – been playing well lately. 

New Orleans Pelicans 

  • Ingram – Questionable right now, if he is in, love this spot, hate the price. Even with Jrue out
  • Ball – Been playing lights out lately, took a step back last game. but should get on track tonight
  • Favors – Good match up with Randle out
  • Hart – Should see more minutes with Hart and Williams out tonight

New York Knicks

  • Portis – got a HUGE price bump tonight. Still in a good spot, just no longer a value play. Morris likely out too.
  • Robinson – gets a lot better match up than he did the other day vs the Jazz. Love this spot even more

Miami Heat

  • Butler – Butler vs Brooklyn and his price is 8K, yes please!
  • Adebayo – Allen and Jordan cant slow down Bam tonight 
  • Dragic – has the best match up of any heat player tonight. I see a great showing out him tonight 

Brooklyn Nets

  • The Heat are so good on defense, i really dont like any Nets tonight with it being a 10 game slate. Pass for me

Indiana Pacers

  • Brogdon – Coach is “hopeful” he can play tonight
  • Sabonis- this is a mismatch of all mismatches, Sabonis will go off tonight (if He plays)
  • Tuner – Would get a bump up if Sabonis is out, but this is the best match up he has seen all year
  • Warren – does the thing with Butler effect him tonight? If not he is in a smash spot if Brogdon and Sabonis are out

Chicago Bulls

  • LaVine – dont care how good the Pacers are on the wing, LaVine is the bulls and he is tearing it up this season. 
  • Young – been starting recently and producing. still a nice price on him
  • Markkanen – With Carter out, more usage for Lauri 

San Antonio Spurs 

  • Murray – give me Murray with a up tempo game. 
  • DeRozan – DDR is starting to pick it up and the Griz are not good on the wing
  • Aldridge – i think i am fading LMA tonight, Griz are decent down low and i like other players cheaper than him, good GPP play 

Memphis Grizzles 

  • Morant – Morant vs Murray tonight should be a lot of fun to watch 
  • Jackson Jr – finally starting to get the feel of the NBA. Love this spot tonight 
  • Crowder / Brooks – Both have been playing well lately, one will hit value, idk which on though 

Charlotte Hornets 

  • I really hate taking teams vs the Jazz in Utah. Yes the Jazz are as strong on defense this year, but they are still a very good defensive team

Utah Jazz 

  • Gobert – should handle Zeller and Biymbo down low
  • Mitchell – If Graham is on him, i love the match up 

Orlando Magic 

  • Vucevic – is one of my favorite centers in the league. He will teach the young Ayton how to hoop down low. 
  • Fournier – if Gordon is out, Fournier will need to pick up the scoring. 
  • Fultz – with DJ out tonight, Fultz is looking at an uptick in minutes
  • Birch / Iwundu – i love Both tonight, but really like whoever starts between the 2 

Phoenix Suns 

  • Booker – is doing old Booker things and i love it. 
  • Ayton – tough match up tonight, might be a rough night for the 2nd year player
  • Oubre Jr – is having a career year this year. tough match up as Orlando will dictate the pace of play tonight 

Los Angeles Lakers

  • James – Fun game to watch, James is lock is Davis is unable to go 
  • Davis – i see him playing after is hard fall, if out Lock in James and Kuzma
  • Kuzma – See Davis 

Dallas Mavericks 

  • Doncic – battle of Starts. Doncic shows out in this kind of stage 
  • Hardaway Jr – Stretches the floor for Luka. If he is hot watch out 
  • Powell/ Kleber – Dallas will need the big men to step up tonight in Porzingis’ absence again 

Milwaukee Bucks 

  • Antetokounmpo – Nothing needs to be said
  • Middleton – Kings are bad vs SGs. 
  • Lopez – if Holmes is out Lopez should eat

Sacramento Kings

  • Fox – Actually really like this spot for Fox. will need his scoring to stay in the game
  • not a big fan of Kings tonight, need to watch injury news

Golden State Warriors

  • Russell – Questionable right now, if he plays he sees all the usage. 
  • Green – GSW will need his D tonight 
  • Lee – Got his contract and now looks to play well 

Los Angeles Clippers

  • Leonard – PG13 is out. Leonard will see all the usage. 
  • Williams – might get the start for PG13. love him either way 
  • Harrell – Should dominate down low


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