NHL DFS Top Plays (FREE Today) 1/22

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Last slate before all star break. Let’s get at it.

Vegas totals courtesy of fantasylabs.com

Pretty straight forward here.

10 Day Report

Above is our 10 day report. It features some basic stats to give you a snap shot of how a team has been performing over the last 10 days. This typically means the last 4-6 games for a team. We then take all of these stats and rank them, which is on the far right.

Goalie Report

Another thing I like to do is take a look at opposing goalies numbers. Our cheat sheet utilizes home/away splits to give a better representation of a goalies form on the year (for insance, Carter Hart is amazing at home and just dreadful on the road, important to know when to attack him).

Like the 10 day report, this matches up perfectly with Vegas totals today.

Now lets dig in to some offensive stats and find some targets.

DVP (defense vs. position)

These numbers are how the opposing team ranks against each position. I took the average fantasy points allowed to each position and ranked them. The higher the number, the worse the opponent is against that position. Easy way to look at it is green is good for the team in the far left column and red is bad!

DVP is something that nobody really looks at for hockey but it does carry a little bit of weight. I find it very useful when deciding between 2 plays who I have as dead even.

Line Production

Last we have our line production chart. As the heading states, this is how each line + defensive pairing has performed on the year based on home/away splits.

Some things we can take away here. Winnipeg top 6 make for a strong gpp stack as a way to differentiate yourself. Columbus has been awesome defensively and Elvis Merzlikins looks like a star, which is why the Winnipeg total is so low and should lead to low ownership for Winnipeg. Also you can see that the Minnesota lower lines are very viable and offer value.

Now that we have a very detailed look at some numbers, time for some plays.

A+ Plays

The first place I like to start when deciding on who to build around is our Report Card, specifically the “A+” plays. In order for a player to receive an A+ grade, they need to meet the following requirements: Average at least 1 point per game over the last week and month. Average at least 1 point per game for the season based on home/away splits, be a member of a power play and have an implied Vegas total of 3 goals or higher. I find this important because this helps me target guys who are playing well not only right now, but for an extended period and also guys who do well at home or on the road (some guys splits are drastic). Now let’s dig in to some individual plays.

Note: On these small slates, I just go ahead and show the top graded players, not just A+ plays.

Now that we have all the info digested, let’s take a look at some plays!

Top Plays

Minnesota PP1- One constant all season has been Detroit’s dreadful defense and goaltending. There is a reason every thing above points to the Wild today. Load up on Wild and start with the top power play unit.

Columbus PP1- Oliver Bjorkstrand is back and didn’t skip a beat. He is finally reaching his potential and the result is a lot of goals and in bunches. Bjorkstrand and the rest of the power play unit are in play.

Cam Atkinson & Seth Jones- We can’t forget about these two. Both on the 2nd unit together and offer a ton of upside.

Value Plays

The plays listed above aren’t cheap. So lets explore some value plays to help you afford those studs.

Minnesota PP2- The entire 2nd line is together on this unit and is very affordable. We also get Dumba is who insanely cheap on Fanduel.

Minnesota Bottom 6- It is rare to suggest playing a 3rd or 4th line player..but Minnesota spreads out it’s scoring and is a very balanced team. Even having a quality player like Koivu on the 4th line.

Columbus PP2- We already talked about Jones and Atkinson above. Well the rest of the unit is filled out with value plays.

Note: You have to have skaters from 3 teams so obviously you will need to grab a Jet or Wing. There are a few viable value options from both teams that can help fill that spot. Utilize our cheat sheet for projected ownership and projected points/$ for help with values.

GPP Stacks- 2 game slate. If doing multiple lineups, stac every team, even Detroit PP1 and Winnipeg PP1

Good luck!

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