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Welcome to the very first installment of the Norrad DFS Tracker. Just like NORAD tracks Santa I will be tracking the previous days Draftkings main slate lineup results for cash games (double ups and 50/50’s). The perfect lineup,double up scores, and the top owned plays are among the topics covered.  If you would like any other topics discussed hit me up on twitter @mnorrad

Draftking Perfect Lineup

The average cash lines:
All double ups (du) 114
Single Entry du 111
Multi Entry du 126
I always recommend playing the largest field single entry double ups and/or 50/50’s on draftkings to give yourself the best odds of cashing over the grind. Make contest selection your ally and embrace the variance and variety different dfs contests provide. Playing ten $1 double ups or 50/50’s contests instead of one $10 contest will give you exposure to more unique opponents and varying cash lines with the goal of cashing in the majority instead of all or nothing results. Draftkings gives you the ability to create H2H contests and limit opponents to 1 contest which is another great way to gain access to unique lineups and steady results.

Pitcher Ownership

The pitching ownership was a 3 way race between Syndergaard,Bieber, and Lopez. Having Bieber in your lineup with a hefty 56.25 was key yesterday.

Batter Ownership

Bader leading off was a cash core and most paired him with his teammate Goldy. Four CLE bats made the top six which makes sense because they had a 6.2 implied run total. Three teams ended up with a 6.2 irt (STL,OAK,CLE) and are all heavily represented above. The Lopez/Syndergaard pairing with chalk bats was a very tough build to cash with. Filtering my player pool to bats owned 20% or higher and locking in Syn/Lopez my top 10 chalk builds missed with 104 being the best score. Running the same pool with Bieber was a guaranteed hit. The scores ranged from 150-129.


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