Outlaw Tour: Orange Tree Classic Draftkings DFS (FREE) Top Plays Round 3

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Round 2 is in the books and we had a decent first day. Carson Roberts continued to pace the field and shot an impressive 8 under today. We also saw one of our value plays, Colton Yates, shoot 4 under to move up to 2nd place. Jesse Heinly shot even, which was just fine for his price. Chris Korte was our let down play with a +2 and our 3rd value in Tucker Wadkins was also a let down with a +3. Overall though, when taking in to account pricing, it was a solid day. Let’s dig in to day 3!

What the heck is Outlaw Tour Golf?

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Pretty straight forward setup here. One note worth mentioning: scoring will not be updated live. Instead scoring will go final once the round is over.


Round 2 Leaderboard

Season Scoring Average Leaders

Top Finishes

Top Plays

Now that we have at least a base to work with, let’s put all this info together and find some logical plays. Whenever I don’t know a sport well, I like to digest info like this, which still allows me to make an educated lineup, despite not being an expert or even knowledgable of a league.

Carson Roberts- The Leader after 1 round, Carson Roberts came out and once again had the best round of the day, shooting an 8 under 64. That puts him at 17 under after 2 rounds and a commanding 5 stroke lead. His price climbed drastically over night, but he still isn’t the most expensive golfer. It is hard to fade him here, even at 10.7k.

Jake Staiano- Staiano has been the model of consistency this week, shooting a 6 under, 66 both rounds. In 6 tour events this season, Staiano has 3 top 10 finishes, which include a 1st and 2nd place finish. Currently sitting 2nd, look for Staiano to continue his consistent play and keep himself in a position for a top 3 finish. Especially nice at 9.1k. Both Staiano and Roberts came in with solid 18/1 odds this week.

You are going to need some value to make things work. Here are 3 value plays I would consider.


Note: Draftkings has a lot of golfers listed that actually missed the cut. They may fix this, but just in case, here is the list of golfers who missed the cut.

Andy Rauscher- Rauscher is an absolute must play for me here. He is the cheapest player who made the cut at 6.7k. But what I really like here is the fact that he is sitting in 7th place after a solid 67 today, following up his 70 round 1.

Zachary Gaugert- Gaugert just made the cut with a 2 under. What I like to see here is the fact that he showed a 3 stroke improvement from round 1 to round 2. It also helps that he is another local player. He and Rauscher are the cheapest golfers in play who made the cut.

This is the core 4 that I personally will be building around. Like yesterday, don’t feel like you have to play any of these suggested plays, though I highly suggest playing Andy Rauscher in everything. If you do go this route, you will have to decide between going extremely balanced with your last 2 spots or taking a 3rd cheap play to get up to a slightly pricier final piece. Just be sure to not play someone who has missed the cut. Good luck!

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