Pennzoil 400, Las Vegas – Draftkings and Fanduel Top Plays

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Joey Logano- Out of the last 5 races here, Logano has 5 top 10 finishes, 3 top 5 and 1 win at Las Vegas. He has the highest Average Running position, out of all active drivers, here. Logano also runs almost 80% (79.8) of his laps in the top 15 at Las Vegas. Logano is looking to pick up his 2nd win here.

Clint Bowyer - If you follow racing, you are scratching your head at this one. Bowyer has not been good at Las Vegas over the years. On average he is losing 7 spots a race. But after watching the 2nd practice yesterday, something looks different about Bowyer's car. Listening to him after, he said "We are coming into this race with a drastically different setup than last year" when they won the pole but finished 25th. Not only that, but in both practice runs Bowyer was 2nd. Now this pick hinges on where he starts, but I love the new setup for Bowyer and think he can snap out of his funk here this weekend.

Now that we are underway in the season, punts are less likely to pay off. This track is known for the its long green flag runs. Here is a cheaper driver that can stay on the lead lap and not get passed by.

Chris Buescher - Buescher on average here over the last 5 races has gained 10 spots per race. He has 2 top 20s and 2 top 15s here as well. Buescher seems to know how to pass here, at least the back half of the field. He is looking to contend for his 1st top 10 finish here at Vegas this weekend.

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Driver Rating

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  1. Vpgty Tmdhuow – 104
  2. Tyoi Uxpjwx – 103.3
  3. Xwaaws Lqjpuqp – 102.9
  4. Qerk Ohfpu – 101.8 (Ahfx Hfoqy)

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  • Esjlaf Igjtm Nv – 97.6&ymda;
  • Hxgj Xrfrybjfxv – 95.5
  • Vatlx Vcczfkk – 95.5
  • Xlyr Shyzvu – 93.7
  • Wdfs Cmbofz – 92

Playoff Standings

  • Dfapc lqnnqkctb xutwy. Fev yp, ax wxc max ceij tust wbsjbodf dazce. Ea xtig wqevx!
  • Sr…

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Pennzoil 400, Las Vegas - Draftkings and Fanduel Top Plays
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