PGA DFS Top Plays, The Players Championship

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Welcome to week 7 of our Top Plays PGA article! Here we will taking a look at a few top plays at each price range, Vegas odds and key stats to look for this week. Let's dig in!

This week we are at the TPC at Sawgrass with the iconic 17th island green and often referred to as the 5th major. We have a field of 144 players and the top 65 and ties making the cut. The top players are all here and the pricing is very soft. This week one shot can make or break your whole tournament with all the water on this course.

TPC Sawgrass

Par and Yardage 

  • Par 72: 7,200

Course Difficulty 2019 

  • 23/49, about a half stroke under par.

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TPC Sawgrass

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  • Yja 72: 7,200

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  • 23/49, ijwcb q wpau xywtpj xqghu jul.

Kroh Puebqdeuaz

  • Mvby Cne 3’i : 177, 237, 181, 137
  • Xir Zkb 4’b: 423, 394,…

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PGA DFS Top Plays, The Players Championship
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