Prize Picks Daily Picks 6/7

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Welcome to another installment of Prize Picks daily picks. We will be providing a few selections for you and some reasons behind each selection. If you are not a member of Prize Picks, sign up here, deposit minimum $20 & receive a 25% deposit match up to $1,000 and a FREE 2-pick entry to win $25. If signing up via app, use promo code TCTCC. Let’s get started

Harper is up against the pitcher giving up the highest ISO of the available players. Alonso has the highest ISO of all available selections. Soroka is a stud who gets a nice matchup with K upside.

Harper and Alonso are our top 2 rated bats of the available selections from a strictly stats/vegas standpoint. Curtis Granderson and Nick Senzel are our two lowest rated bats.

Always double check that the projections have not changed. If they have, fade. And always check weather!

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