Rocket League DFS: Draftkings (LATAM) Breakdown 7/4

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We are back with some more Rocket League action. This is the LATAM Championship, which is a tournament featuring the best teams in Latin America. This is a 6 team, double elimination tournament with all matches being best of 7. We don’t have much info on these teams and we’re forced to use stats from the qualifying, meaning it’s a small sample. So play accordingly. Let’s jump in!


As you can see, pretty straight forward here. Keep in mind the in game score is divided by 100. So if a player averages 400 points per game, that will be 4 points. We also see that Goals are weighted the heaviest. Keep that in mind when building. Now let’s take a look at some Vegas Odds (we will update these closer to lock as well!).


  • GP- Games Played
  • W%- Win Percent
  • SCPG- Score Per Game
  • OSCAPG- Opponent Score Against Per Game
  • GPG- Goals Per Game
  • OGAPG- Opponent Goals Against Per Game
  • APG- Assists Per Game
  • OAAPG- Opponents Assists Against Per Game
  • SAPG- Saves Per Game
  • OSAAPG- Opponents Saves Against Per Game
  • SHPG- Shots Per Game
  • OSHAPG- Opponents Shots Against Per Game

Team Stats

Ratatopos Vs. Troncos FC


Ratatopos are middle of the pack goals per game wise, but draw a Troncos FC team who is allowing the highest goals, assists and shots per game, giving Ratatopos a boost. JJGamesYOLO and Santhino are strong plays here.

Troncos FC

Troncos FC are the lowest scoring team on the slate at 1.75 goals per game. FADE

Overknight Vs. Ignis Imperium


Overknight are the 2nd lowest scoring team on the slate at 2.27 goals per game. But, they get a boost with Ignis allowing the 2nd most goals against per game. ayLucky and Ozmo both are viable here with both averaging a goal per game.

Ignis Imperium

AbsorbentKarma carried this team through qualifying. His 1.45 individual rating was tied for the top mark through qualifying. AbsorbentKarma is the play here.

Infinite Shots Vs. Estorm Gaming


This match brings us the top 2 seeds here who will be facing off in a upper bracket final where the winner gets sent straight to the grand final and the loser drops to the losers final where they can win just one match and get a spot in the grand final. Infinite Shots were the 2nd highest scoring squad through qualifying though they face an Estorm squad that allowed the fewest goals at 1.18 per game. Falss and Ness are the plays here.

Estorm Gaming

Estorm were a dominate offensive team through qualifying. Averaging a whopping 4 goals per game, highest on the slate by nearly a full goal. They also averaged the highest score, assists and shots per game. abdielg3 is listed on Draftkings and actually listed as a normal starter, but he didn’t start at all during qualifying, so I am going under the assumption that Coke is starting here, especially considering his quality numbers. All 3 guys are viable here and make for strong plays, headlined by Sebs.

Good luck!

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