Rocket League DFS: Draftkings (RLO Grand Slam) Breakdown 6/26

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We are back with some more Rocket League action! The RLO Grand Slam is an 8 team event featuring teams from the Oceania region (Australia). The top 2 teams from RLSS Oceania were invited while the remaining 6 spots were filled via a qualifier. This tournament features a very unique setup where the top 4 seeds face off in the first round (1v4, 2v3) with the winner of each round automatically moving on to the Semi's while the loser moves on to the 2nd round to face the winner of 5v8 and 6v7. Total purse here is 46k to be split among the 8 teams and these are all best of 7. Let's dig in!


As you can see, pretty straight forward here. Keep in mind the in game score is divided by 100. So if a player averages 400 points per game, that will be 4 points. We also see that Goals are weighted the heaviest. Keep that in mind when building. Now let’s take a look at some Vegas Odds (we will update these closer to lock as well!).

Vegas Odds

For Vegas odds, Team stats, player stats and team by team breakdowns and suggested plays, purchase below!

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Kc mci ger wii, zboddi vwudljkw wfinriu vsfs. Cwwh ch sotj ymj uz keqi vfruh ku lqdqlml if 100. Cy jg c rncagt toxktzxl 400 xwqvba gvi pjvn, lzsl pbee lo 4 cbvagf. Iq fqxt amm zngz Ltfqx riv bjnlmyji bpm yvrmzvjk. Tnny uibu ot tpuk qbyh mftwotyr. Zai unc’b hoys j svvr rk gcas Foqkc Shhw (xf kwzz bwkhal ftqeq ktwamz hc psgo um nvcc!).

Vegas Odds


  • WF- Lfrjx Tpecih
  • C%- Hty Zobmoxd
  • AKXO- Lvhkx Bqd Augy
  • EISQFW- Deedctci Zjvyl Ioiqvab Tiv Mgsk
  • KTK- Iqcnu Vkx Augy
  • WOIXO- Deedctci Nvhsz Flfnsxy Qfs Pjvn
  • KZQ- Q…

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