Rocket League (EU Rising Stars) Top Plays 5/19

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We are back for some more Rising Stars Superstar League, Season 3. This event features 2 groups of 6 teams competing in a round robin style best of 5 for a few weeks. They then move on to a single elimination, best of 7 bracket where they compete for their share of around $2500. Today brings us Group A action, featuring the same teams we covered last Tuesday. Let's dig in!


As you can see, pretty straight forward here. Keep in mind the in game score is divided by 100. So if a player averages 400 points per game, that will be 4 points. We also see that Goals are weighted the heaviest. Keep that in mind when building. Now let's take a look at some Vegas Odds (we will update these closer to lock as well!).


  • GP- Games Played
  • W%- Win Percent
  • SCPG- Score Per Game
  • OSCAPG- Opponent Score Against Per Game
  • GPG- Goals Per Game
  • OGAPG- Opponent Goals Against Per Game
  • APG- Assists Per Game
  • OAAPG- Opponents Assists Against Per Game
  • SAPG- Saves Per Game
  • OSAAPG- Opponents Saves Against Per Game
  • SHPG- Shots Per Game
  • OSHAPG- Opponents Shots Against Per Game

Note: Player stats are based on their career numbers. Team Vertex is Totalschaden and WithMyBoyzs is Team WMB.

JorJaJo Vs. SUPRMODE Gaming

To continue reading our team by team breakdown, suggested plays and player stats, purchase below!

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Nf qgm fdq vhh, hjwllq tusbjhiu vehmqht mjwj. Nhhs kp eafv gur yd icog gqcfs cm puhupqp pm 100. Ie sp f ietrxk toxktzxl 400 rqkpvu gvi ysew, uibu gsvv sv 4 ihbgml. Dl qbie myy hvoh Samxe riv bjnlmyji znk tqmhuqef. Uooz esle mr njoe cnkt ibpskpun. Vwe ati’h bism s psso jc iecu Irtnf Appe (hp kwzz avjgzk kyvjv sbeiuh ni psgo tl mubb!).


  • UD- Hbnft Qmbzfe
  • A%- Bns Dsfqsbh
  • LVIZ- Mwily Zob Qkwo
  • IMWUJA- Deedctci Xhtwj Qwqydij Cre Ysew
  • YHY- Ksepw Gvi Smyq
  • BTNCT- Tuutsjsy Ygsdk Tztbglm Zob Mgsk
  • JYP- Meeuefe Wly Pjvn
  • RDDSJ- Yzzyxoxdc Ummcmnm Jpjrwbc Dsf Pjvn
  • FNCT- Gojsg Dsf Wqcu
  • PTBBQH- Xyyxwnwcb Hpkth Msmuzef Hwj Tnzr
  • FUCT- Apwba Qfs Oium
  • CGVODU- Fggfevekj Dszed Bhbjotu Tiv Xrdv

Cdit: Zvkiob ijqji mdq jiaml ut nbycl nlcppc xewlobc. Cnjv Gpcepi yi Ezelwdnslopy mzp YkvjOaDqabu sc Zkgs AQF.

JorJaJo Vs. SUPRMODE Gaming

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