Rocket League (OCE RLCS) Top Plays 4/11

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Tonight's slate brings us 2 very tight spreads between 4 quality RLCS teams. Let's dig right in!


As you can see, pretty straight forward here. Keep in mind the in game score is divided by 100. So if a player averages 400 points per game, that will be 4 points. We also see that Goals are weighted the heaviest. Keep that in mind when building. Now let's take a look at some Vegas Odds (we will update these closer to lock as well!).


Note: Player stats are based on their career numbers as pro's.

Groud Zero Vs. Cringe Society

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Yzep: Yujhna xyfyx ofs nmeqp ed bpmqz hfwjjw fmetwjk me yax’b.

Groud Zero Vs. Cringe Society

Ground Zero

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