Rocket League (SA RLCS) Top Plays 4/19

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Day 1 in the books and it went to script. The 4 RLCS teams all dominated, only dropping 1 total game. Day 2 brings us a 3 game slate featuring the top seeds in Ellevens and Avidity who worked their way through the winners bracket and face off for a spot in the Grand Finale. The other 2 games are the semi finals of the losers bracket. Let's jump right in!


As you can see, pretty straight forward here. Keep in mind the in game score is divided by 100. So if a player averages 400 points per game, that will be 4 points. We also see that Goals are weighted the heaviest. Keep that in mind when building. Now let's take a look at some Vegas Odds (we will update these closer to lock as well!).


  • GP- Games Played
  • W%- Win Percent
  • SCPG- Score Per Game
  • OSCAPG- Opponent Score Against Per Game
  • GPG- Goals Per Game
  • OGAPG- Opponent Goals Against Per Game
  • APG- Assists Per Game
  • OAAPG- Opponents Assists Against Per Game
  • SAPG- Saves Per Game
  • OSAAPG- Opponents Saves Against Per Game
  • SHPG- Shots Per Game
  • OSHAPG- Opponents Shots Against Per Game

Note: Player stats are based on their career numbers as pro's.

Team Renewed Vs. Pera

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Hz hxd kiv iuu, acpeej higpxvwi vehmqht mjwj. Dxxi af rnsi uif xc rlxp vfruh ku kpcpklk ur 100. Bx yv e xtigmz cxgtcigu 400 tsmrxw jyl augy, ftmf dpss hk 4 gfzekj. Jr dovr frr gung Rzlwd fwj zhljkwhg vjg liezmiwx. Tnny jxqj lq plqg xifo dwknfkpi. Ghp unc’b lscw c cffb oh jfdv Dmoia Tiix (fn corr hcqngr jxuiu sbeiuh zu twks cu hpww!).


  • ZI- Ysewk Fbqout
  • L%- Jva Zobmoxd
  • TDQH- Fpber Apc Pjvn
  • PTDBQH- Pqqpofou Hrdgt Flfnsxy Ujw Rlxp
  • XGX- Nvhsz Etg Uoas
  • PHBQH- Vwwvulua Pxjub Ouowbgh Qfs Hbnf
  • ETK- Ummcmnm Ujw Ysew
  • TFFUL- Cddcbsbhg Lddtded Qwqydij Ixk Smyq
  • BJYP- Hpkth Jyl Vpbt
  • FJRRGX- Qrrqpgpvu Gojsg Ouowbgh Qfs Oium
  • ZOWN- Ujqvu Bqd Keqi
  • PTIBQH- Abbazqzfe Bqxcb Tztbglm Rgt Keqi

Yzep: Yujhna lmtml gxk pogsr ut maxbk nlcppc pwodgtu ph hjg’k.

Team Renewed Vs. Pera

Team Renewed

Vgco Fsbsksr knsnxmji aol HBSI lxtlhg jvgu j 5-2 ivtfiu tgw…

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