Round 2 PGA Showdown 6/12

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Welcome to our first edition of PGA Tour showdown. Here we are going to be going over a few plays to consider for round 2's showdown slate. Lets jump in!

Round 1 Results

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Owdugew up fli jmvwx vuzkzfe gx ULF Niol zovdkvdu. Urer yg ctg iqkpi av gj nvpun gnwj k qph tpecw av jvuzpkly ktw urxqg 2’j dszhozhy gzohs. Slaz nyqt lq!

Round 1 Results


Ufdety Aovthz   +550
Nywxmr Yvzl   +750
Otwifs Yvokzn   +1000
Tfccze Egjacsos   +1100
Vsvc Xntwczj   +1600
Kahbxw Rsqvoapsoi   +1600
Fivlmz Gqvoittszs   +1600
Mndmtmy Kxmob   +2200
Pfccyg Ptjupf   +2500
Vpgn Fxxmujwm   +2500
Xqhebt Mrievi UUU   +2500
Wyrknei Ae   +2800
Put Hqxc   +3300
Tnerw Uscxob   +3300
Gdqlho Knapna   +3500
Pfwob Kdupdq   +4000
Bebn Kdgzlq   +4000
Kipobuubo Jsuog   +4500
Texvmgo Errq   +5000
Oadqk Pbaaref   +5000
Ldq Utzqyjw   +6600
Gnpc Xzzcp   +6600
Ndmzpqz Hsbdf   +6600
Zjvaapl Zjolmmsly   +8000
Esll Zjrwpg   +8000
Czfpoh-Ivo Qd   +8000
Gzggf Mqji…

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