Stack ’em up 7/27

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ISO Stacks

wOBA Stacks

Above is a filtered list of batters with an ISO over .200 facing pitchers with an allowed ISO over .200 followed by batters with a wOBA over .340 facing pitchers with a wOBA allowed over .340. All stats are based on handedness of the pitcher and batter and include only 2019 stats. The higher implied run totals are the chalky stacks in most cases so if you are looking for lower owned stacks then taking a look at the lower implied runs is a nice strategy.

The top 3 teams on our ISO stack list are very intriguing. All 3 feature a ton of power and upside. Don’t forget to add in Mookie Betts and Nelson Cruz to your Red Sox/Twins stacks. Even though they aren’t listed, both are red hot, as you can see on today’s debut edition of Who’s Hot. Expect the Dodgers stack to be popular this morning and for good reason. Stack em up!

Top High Owned Stacks





Top Low Owned Stacks






Vegas Implied Over 5

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