TBT DFS Breakdown 7/11

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Welcome to the DailyFantasySolutions TBT DFS slate preview! For those of you that are asking, “what is TBT?” let me be the first to explain. TBT is a 24-team, single elimination tournament with a prize of $1+ million on the line. As an added bonus this year, the games will be broadcast on ESPN so you’ll be able to sweat all the games like you would any other sport! Games will be played July 4-14 so we will get actual real life 5-on-5 basketball for the next week and a half! The teams are comprised of a variety of ex-college players, former NBA players and overseas ballers.


-Players foul out at 6 fouls (not 5). I know my CBB people are rejoicing at this.

-Games are played in 9-minutes quarters instead of 20-minute halves.

-The Free throw bonus is awarded on a teams 5th foul and subsequent non shooting fouls by the defense in a quarter. However, new to the rules this year; any foul during the Elam Ending that would result in bonus free throws will instead give the non-fouling team one free throw and possession of the ball.

What is the Elam Ending? I’m glad you asked! Pursuant to the Elam Ending, the game clock is turned off at the first whistle with up to four minutes remaining. The teams then play to a target score, with the shot clock still enforced. As the first team to meet or exceed the target score wins, there are no overtime games. The target score is 8 points more than the leading teams/tied score. The winning score can be a walk-off field goal, three point shot or free throw. This rule was mainly created to elminate the constant end of game fouling and free throw shooting that slows games down to a crawl. I’m personally not a huge fan of the Elam Ending, but it’s what the tournament is known for so it’s important to know what it is and how it works.


We will want to target point guards, especially ones with a good history in TBT to be in our core. Some of these teams don’t get a ton of practice time to fully mesh together and this is yet another reason to target high usage guards as they will have the ball in their hands constantly; directing traffic and dictating pace.

We also need to be aware of teams that are super deep since this will cut into usage and minutes. Teams like Carmen’s Crew, Boeheim’s Army and Overseas Elite are notoriously stacked and there is a reason why they’re always competing for the title at the end of the tournament. While this makes for quality basketball, it is an absolute nightmare for DFS so be aware of teams with a deep roster.

Now that we have the what, where, why, and how out of the way. Let’s get to the who, as in who do we play on this first slate? Let’s get down to it and highlight the best plays from the 2 game slate!

Herd That vs Overseas Elite

Herd That took advantage of a TMT team that completely lacked cohesion to earn the win last round. Jacorey Williams and Chris Cokley had slate breaking performances of 40.5 and 43.25. The prices on both has shot way up but I’m still tempted to use Jacorey Williams today as OE was extremely weak in the paint in their first game and JW looks like he may belong in the NBA at this rate. If you want Herd That exposure, it’s definitely going to be with those two. Jon Elmore has been a stud throughout his career but one thing that is well known among CBB DFS players and basketball fans alike is that Jon has struggled when facing a team that is better than them. He and OT are pretty easy fades for me on this slate as I expect both to struggle against the defensive pressure of former NBA players Iso Joe, Pooh Jeter, and Bobby Brown. Ryan Luther has provided a solid 20 fppg off the bench and is a potential value fill in for your lineups today.

Overseas Elite had a deep rotation as expected which made using any of their players a frustrating experience for DFS. Iso Joe is up to 9.1K and as we mentioned on the show yesterday with Mike Daum, the opportunity cost just becomes too great to be paying these prices. Joe is a great player but he is going to need to hit 45+ at this price tag to pay off and you’re going to have to make serious sacrifices in your lineup to fit him. Pooh Jeter was the other player for OE that showed out with 33.5 fantasy points but his tag has risen to 8K. Dakarai Tucker is finally on the DK slate after playing 23 minutes last round with a stat line of 11-2-1-0-1. He comes in priced at 5K and will come off the bench to play at minimum 20 minutes today. Lock in Tucker at this price and move on. Nobody else on OE impressed me as they played 11 guys total, 8 of which had double digit minutes. They will continue to cannibalize each others stats with these hockey style substitution patterns.

Favorite Plays: HT: Jacorey Williams, Chris Cokley OE: Dakarai Tucker, Joe Johnson

The Pick: Overseas Elite

Sideline Cancer vs Boeheims Army

Sideline Cancer continued their exciting run through the tourney with a 76-66 victory over Team Challenge ALS. Marcus Keene is a primary play if you can afford him. This tournament favors his play style tremendously and there isn’t a single soul on BA that will be capable of holding him in check today. Maurice Creek and Remy Abell are still slightly underpriced and in consideration for your lineups today as both are averaging mid 20’s fantasy points per game. Creek and Keene are locked into 30+ minutes while Abell will play roughly 22-25. One thing to monitor will be the injury status of Diamond Stone today, if he plays he is a lock at 5.8K. Eric Thompson was the beneficiary with Stone being out last round and responded with a 15-13 double double. His price has shot way up to 7.2K though and unless Stone is out that price is simply too steep to pay. Everyone has written off Jamel Artis in this tournament and if you’re running multiple lineups he is the perfect GPP play with expected low ownership. I still believe this guy can play and will have a shot to show it against a mediocre BA defense.

Boeheims Army looked pretty shaky against MOM until Eric Devendorf decided enough was enough and took over the game. He will need to do more of that today against the spectacular scoring backcourt of SC. I expect Devendorf and Keene to match bucket for bucket today in what should be an exciting game. Donte Greene was a lock for us last game and he will be a lock for us here again. Coming in at a reasonable 6.4K he will play around 30 minutes and has double double upside, lock him into your main team lineup. Malachi Richardson took just 4 shots in their game against MOM and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skittish on him today. As one of the top players on this team, they can’t expect to beat SC if he isn’t going to take double digit shots. He is a fantastic tournament option but I won’t be touching him in cash games. Brandon Triche and Andrew White round out the only other playable options for BA today, but they’re both priced for their production and should only be considered as last guys into your lineup.


Favorite Plays: SC: Marcus Keene, Maurice Creek, Remy Abell, Donte Greene, Eric Devendorf, Brandon Triche

The Pick: Sideline Cancer

Main Team Core: Dakarai Tucker, Maurice Creek(Marucs Keene if you can afford him), Donte Greene

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