TBT DFS Breakdown 7/6

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Welcome to the DailyFantasySolutions free TBT DFS slate preview! For those of you that are asking, “what is TBT?” let me be the first to explain. TBT is a 24-team, single elimination tournament with a prize of $1+ million on the line. As an added bonus this year, the games will be broadcast on ESPN so you’ll be able to sweat all the games like you would any other sport! Games will be played July 4-14 so we will get actual real life 5-on-5 basketball for the next week and a half! The teams are comprised of a variety of ex-college players, former NBA players and overseas ballers.


-Players foul out at 6 fouls (not 5). I know my CBB people are rejoicing at this.

-Games are played in 9-minutes quarters instead of 20-minute halves.

-The Free throw bonus is awarded on a teams 5th foul and subsequent non shooting fouls by the defense in a quarter. However, new to the rules this year; any foul during the Elam Ending that would result in bonus free throws will instead give the non-fouling team one free throw and possession of the ball.

What is the Elam Ending? I’m glad you asked! Pursuant to the Elam Ending, the game clock is turned off at the first whistle with up to four minutes remaining. The teams then play to a target score, with the shot clock still enforced. As the first team to meet or exceed the target score wins, there are no overtime games. The target score is 8 points more than the leading teams/tied score. The winning score can be a walk-off field goal, three point shot or free throw. This rule was mainly created to elminate the constant end of game fouling and free throw shooting that slows games down to a crawl. I’m personally not a huge fan of the Elam Ending, but it’s what the tournament is known for so it’s important to know what it is and how it works.


We will want to target point guards, especially ones with a good history in TBT to be in our core. Some of these teams don’t get a ton of practice time to fully mesh together and this is yet another reason to target high usage guards as they will have the ball in their hands constantly; directing traffic and dictating pace.

We also need to be aware of teams that are super deep since this will cut into usage and minutes. Teams like Carmen’s Crew, Boeheim’s Army and Overseas Elite are notoriously stacked and there is a reason why they’re always competing for the title at the end of the tournament. While this makes for quality basketball, it is an absolute nightmare for DFS so be aware of teams with a deep roster.

Now that we have the what, where, why, and how out of the way. Let’s get to the who, as in who do we play on this first slate? Let’s get down to it and highlight the best plays from tonights showdown slate!

Vegas Odds

Team CP3 vs Golden Eagles

This slate was set to be a 2 gamer but unfortunately the LSU alumni filled team Eberlein Drive had to drop out of the tournamnet due to yet another positive test for Covid. Brotherly Love advances to the quarterfinals and tonight will thus be a showdown slate between CP3 and the Golden Eagles. We are familiar with Team CP3 as they are coming off a close victory over the Primetime Players 76-74. As expected the team was led by Nate Mason and his 26-2-1 line. Mason comes in as the most expensive player on the slate and is obviously someone you want to have in your main showdown lineups. However, I think fading him in your captain spot is going to be the play. Mason offered very little in the way of peripherals stats outside of 4 steals. The Golden Eagles have a defense that is going to be very tough on opposing offenses. This gives me atleast a slight concern with them likely focusing their energy on handcuffing Mason. Other members of CP3 are going to have to step up and take some pressure off of him. Codi Miller-Mcintyre is the most likely of candidates to step up his offensive game after shooting 4-9 with a 10-6-2 stat line. The Wake Forest alum is capable of filling it up on offense when his number is called and if CP3 is going to win this, he will have to put up big numbers. Iona alum Aaron Rountree was a disappointment in their first game and I expect him to take more than 3 shots today. CJ Harris and Byron Gladden were productive off the bench in the opening round and both make interesting lower owned tournament options. One guy that has a chance to be sneaky is Diante Baldwin. As I expect the defensive pressure to be on Nate Mason and CMM, this would theoretically mean Baldwin should have more room to work and get to the basket easier. He had 9 rebounds in the opening round and is a player that won’t settle for jump shots very often. Keep Baldwin in your CP3 player pool as I think his floor is likely safe and comes at a steep discount to Nate Mason.

Let’s dig in and break down this Golden Eagles team. This Golden Eagles squad made a run all the way to the finals in last years tournament and lost to the juggernaut Carmens Crew. That game left a sour taste in GE’s mouth as they were only down 58-57 when the elam ending kicked in and even let 60-58 at one point. However, they unraveled late and eventually lost 66-60. As you can imagine, they’re going to be motivated to get back to the title game and it starts here tonight against CP3. Let me say, this team has never lacked shooting in their TBT history. This is a team filled with capable shooters, what they were lacking was size. That is an issue solved this year by new addition and former Marquette player Luke Fischer, a 6’11” center with career numbers of 10 ppg/5 rpg/2bpg. He won’t be asked to score much for this team, but his presence in the paint will serve to keep opposing defenses honest and get those shooters additional space to work. Returning players are Maurice Acker, Dwight Buycks, Mo Charlo, Elgin Cook, Travis Diener, Andrew Rowsey, Jamil Wilson, Derrick Wilson, and Jarvis Williams. As you can see, this team is loaded with TBT experience. Let’s profile the guys you’ll want in your player pool.

Elgin Cook: 17-4 with 4 blocks in the title game last season. Cook played college hoops for the Oregon Ducks and has statistical averages his last year in college of 15-5-2. Cook has NBA experience with the Golden State Warriors. He is part of the 3 headed monster core of this team along with Jamil Wilson and Dwight Buycks.

Jamil Wilson: He will play big minutes in this game and be relied upon to get a bucket whenever they need it. He has NBA experience with the LA Clippers. He had productive numbers his senior year at Marquette with 12-6-3 averages.

Dwight Buycks: Averages of 9-3-3 while at Marquette and has experience overseas professionally with Olympiacos and NBA experience with a variety of teams. Buycks averaged the 5th most points in TBT last year and has flourished in this format. Don’t be fooled by his numbers in college, this guy is the real deal and worthy of being your main team captain.

Travis Diener: A sharp shooter that has found success in the International scene with career averages of 11 ppg and 5 apg. Has made over 250 triples in college to go along with a senior year stat line of 20 ppg and 7 apg.

Maurice Acker will contribute in a myriad of ways and isn’t shy about knocking down a triple when the team needs it. Derrick Wilson will be relied upon more for his leadership on the defensive side of the ball and likely will be asked to lock down Nate Mason. With most of his energy being focused on the defensive side of the ball, he doesn’t have the upside for DFS that some of his teammates have. Andrew Rowsey was an absolute stud in college with over 2300 points between UNC Asheville and Marquette. Those numbers didn’t translate well last season in TBT as we never really saw him take over the way he used to in college. I will be cruious to see if he gets more of an opportunity this year to show of his talent. He makes a fantastic tournament play as I don’t expect him to carry a ton of ownership, especially coming off the bench.

Favorite Plays: CP3: Nate Mason, CMM, Diante Baldwin, GE: Dwight Buycks, Jamil Wilson, Elgin Cook, Maurice Acker

The Pick: Golden Eagles


Dwight Buycks, Jamil Wilson, Nate Mason

Yesterdays Slate Hits:

Marcus Keene(our top play smashed), Elijah Thomas, Scott Machado, Jon Elmore

Slate Misses:

Jamel Artis and Chris Cokley

Overall, we had a great slate with some big wins yesterday. Marcus Keene is a legend and officially my favorite TBT player in this tournament. Thanks everyone for reading our content and supporting us! Good luck today!

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