TBT DFS Breakdown 7/7

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Welcome to the DailyFantasySolutions free TBT DFS slate preview! For those of you that are asking, “what is TBT?” let me be the first to explain. TBT is a 24-team, single elimination tournament with a prize of $1+ million on the line. As an added bonus this year, the games will be broadcast on ESPN so you’ll be able to sweat all the games like you would any other sport! Games will be played July 4-14 so we will get actual real life 5-on-5 basketball for the next week and a half! The teams are comprised of a variety of ex-college players, former NBA players and overseas ballers.


-Players foul out at 6 fouls (not 5). I know my CBB people are rejoicing at this.

-Games are played in 9-minutes quarters instead of 20-minute halves.

-The Free throw bonus is awarded on a teams 5th foul and subsequent non shooting fouls by the defense in a quarter. However, new to the rules this year; any foul during the Elam Ending that would result in bonus free throws will instead give the non-fouling team one free throw and possession of the ball.

What is the Elam Ending? I’m glad you asked! Pursuant to the Elam Ending, the game clock is turned off at the first whistle with up to four minutes remaining. The teams then play to a target score, with the shot clock still enforced. As the first team to meet or exceed the target score wins, there are no overtime games. The target score is 8 points more than the leading teams/tied score. The winning score can be a walk-off field goal, three point shot or free throw. This rule was mainly created to elminate the constant end of game fouling and free throw shooting that slows games down to a crawl. I’m personally not a huge fan of the Elam Ending, but it’s what the tournament is known for so it’s important to know what it is and how it works.


We will want to target point guards, especially ones with a good history in TBT to be in our core. Some of these teams don’t get a ton of practice time to fully mesh together and this is yet another reason to target high usage guards as they will have the ball in their hands constantly; directing traffic and dictating pace.

We also need to be aware of teams that are super deep since this will cut into usage and minutes. Teams like Carmen’s Crew, Boeheim’s Army and Overseas Elite are notoriously stacked and there is a reason why they’re always competing for the title at the end of the tournament. While this makes for quality basketball, it is an absolute nightmare for DFS so be aware of teams with a deep roster.

Now that we have the what, where, why, and how out of the way. Let’s get to the who, as in who do we play on this slate? Let’s get down to it and highlight the best plays from todays 2 game slate!

Vegas Odds

Sideline Cancer vs Team Challenge ALS

What an amazing game won by Sideline Cancer against Team Hines. That game had March Madness vibes and made Marcus Keene a TBT hero. This game sets up exactly like the previous one for SC and that means we should be targeting it heavily for our lineups. Our top play of the slate Sunday was Marcus Keene and he responded with a monster stat line of 29-6-6. We got him sub 30% then, we won’t now. I expect him to be extremely highly owned and for good reason. He put the team on his back whenever they needed a bucket and wasn’t afraid to get after it on the glass or set the table for his teammates. Lock him in and move on. I’ll be the first to admit that Diamond Stone shut my mouth real quick about his shooting ability. Perhaps auditioning for another shot in the NBA, Stone showed that he expanded his range by hitting 3 triples and scoring 19 points overall. I love what I saw from Stone and he is very much in play today as long as he starts. I say this because toward the end of the game Diamond Stone seemed to tweak his ankle and his availability is currently up in the air. We should get this info with plenty of time to spare before lock, but this is big injury news to keep an eye on. If Stone is out, Ethan Thompson makes an amazingly solid value play. He put up 4-10 with 3 blocks despite battling foul trouble throughout the game. He will be relied upon as the teams primary big and due to a cheap price, he is trending toward being a core play for us. Maurice Creek’s DK price is stupid cheap for a guy with similar scoring ability to our guy Marcus Keene. I think that Keene will obviously draw extra defesnive attention which makes Creek and even Remy Abell excellent options with 5x+ upside today. Looking at things today, Keene, Thompson/Stone(depending on Stones status), and Creek makes far too much sense as your main team core.

Note: Diamond Stone is OUT!

Team Challenge ALCS also has a very strong roster headlined by Sean Marshall, Marquez Haynes, and Tyrese Rice. It’s important to note that Long Beach State alum Casper Ware and Fresno State stud Marvelle Harris are both out for Team ALCS leaving them with just 8 players. Sideline’s incredible depth helped them outlast Team Hines and it’s looking like that’s going to be the case here in this game. Tyrese Rice was a magnificent scorer at Boston College with over 2000 points for his career. Rice recently played in the Euroleague where he averaged 21 ppg/3 rpg/6 apg. DK Pricing is ridiculously soft and Tyrese Rice is a must play in all formats. Marquez Haynes was a 20-5-4 guy while in college at Texas-Arlington and has 8_ years of Euroleague and Eurocup experience. Sean Marshall is the creator of this team and while being a productive player in college coming out of BC, his price is way too high to seriously consider when Rice and Haynes are basically free and will be relied upon to do the heavy lifting. Malcolm Thomas and Deshawn Stephens are the other two notable players on this roster. Both are alumni from San Diego St university. Thomas has a few years of NBA experience as a journeyman with several teams.

Favorite Plays: SC: Marcus Keene, Eric Thompson, Diamond Stone, Maurice Creek, TCA: Tyrese Rice, Marquez Haynes

The Pick: Sideline Cancer(This team is officially our squad throughout the rest of the Tournament.)


Men of Mackey got here after winning a hard fought game against Heartfire behind a huge game from Justin Dentmon(30 points) and Isaac Haas(11-10). My first thoughts about Men of Mackey are this: I’m obviously a big fan of Dentmon as an ex-Husky but there is absolutely zero chance I’m paying almost 9K for him with the other options on the board today. I will get my Dentmon exposure in showdown but for classic I’m not seeing the upside in a tough matchup against one of the best teams in TBT. I do have interest in Isaac Haas because he should continue to eat hard on the glass and should be able to lock down yet another 13-11 style double-double. Ethan Stair didn’t get the minutes we thought he would early on and is not in play, despite being near min price. The only other player for MOM that I’d really even consider for the main slate is Jon Octeus. He had a resepctable 6-5-5 stat line but again, are we really taking him at 5.2 over Tyrese Rice at 5.8? I don’t think so…

Boeheims Army comes into this tournament as the 3 seed and a very strong chance to make the semi finals and beyond. As you can guess by the team name, this is the Syracuse alumni team. Please note that Tyler Lydon is out with a hip injury and Chris McCullough has left the team due to personal reasons. This leaves BA with an 8 man roster but still an extremely talented one. The team did add Will Rayman, one of the best players in Colgate basketball history. Rayman is the reigning Patriot League defensive player of the year and first team all conference. He is a career 13-8 guy and while a bit undersized at his position will give Haas all he can handle on both sides of the ball. Rayman was a respectable 42% 3 point shooter in college which means he can bring the MOM big men out to the perimeter to open up the lane for guys like Malachi Richardson and Eric Devendorf. Donte Green was a 17-7 guy in college and will be a big part of anything the BA do today. Malachi and Devendort are both great plays today if you can afford them as well.

Favorite Plays: MOM: Isaac Haas, BA: Malachi Richardson, Eric Devendorf, Will Rayman, Donte Greene

The Pick: Boeheims Army

Core: Marcus Keene/Tyrese Rice/Eric Thompson

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