TBT DFS Breakdown 7/9

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Welcome to the DailyFantasySolutions TBT DFS slate preview! For those of you that are asking, “what is TBT?” let me be the first to explain. TBT is a 24-team, single elimination tournament with a prize of $1+ million on the line. As an added bonus this year, the games will be broadcast on ESPN so you’ll be able to sweat all the games like you would any other sport! Games will be played July 4-14 so we will get actual real life 5-on-5 basketball for the next week and a half! The teams are comprised of a variety of ex-college players, former NBA players and overseas ballers.


-Players foul out at 6 fouls (not 5). I know my CBB people are rejoicing at this.

-Games are played in 9-minutes quarters instead of 20-minute halves.

-The Free throw bonus is awarded on a teams 5th foul and subsequent non shooting fouls by the defense in a quarter. However, new to the rules this year; any foul during the Elam Ending that would result in bonus free throws will instead give the non-fouling team one free throw and possession of the ball.

What is the Elam Ending? I’m glad you asked! Pursuant to the Elam Ending, the game clock is turned off at the first whistle with up to four minutes remaining. The teams then play to a target score, with the shot clock still enforced. As the first team to meet or exceed the target score wins, there are no overtime games. The target score is 8 points more than the leading teams/tied score. The winning score can be a walk-off field goal, three point shot or free throw. This rule was mainly created to elminate the constant end of game fouling and free throw shooting that slows games down to a crawl. I’m personally not a huge fan of the Elam Ending, but it’s what the tournament is known for so it’s important to know what it is and how it works.


We will want to target point guards, especially ones with a good history in TBT to be in our core. Some of these teams don’t get a ton of practice time to fully mesh together and this is yet another reason to target high usage guards as they will have the ball in their hands constantly; directing traffic and dictating pace.

We also need to be aware of teams that are super deep since this will cut into usage and minutes. Teams like Carmen’s Crew, Boeheim’s Army and Overseas Elite are notoriously stacked and there is a reason why they’re always competing for the title at the end of the tournament. While this makes for quality basketball, it is an absolute nightmare for DFS so be aware of teams with a deep roster.

Now that we have the what, where, why, and how out of the way. Let’s get to the who, as in who do we play on this first slate? Let’s get down to it and highlight the best plays from the 2 game slate!

Vegas Odds

Herd That vs The Money Team

Herd That had an easy win over Peoria All Stars to get here and America instantly fell in love with sharp shooting dad bod hero Ot Elmore. Say what you will about him, the guy can shoot and they’re going to need a large dose of the Double Elmore special to be able to beat TMT. Jacorey Williams came off the bench last game to drop 22-9 but this is a spot you need to be hesitant about jumping aboard. We said to fade Khalil Iverson after his first game explosion and he only played 7 minutes off the bench yesterday. I could see a very similar thing happening to Jacorey today. Outside of Jon Elmore, this is going to be a very hard team to roster for DFS purposes as they had 8 different players score 10+ fantasy points against Peoria. Herd That’s depth will help them in this game, but hurt us in the DFS world. Speaking of depth, TMT is even deeper than HT. Let’s break down their roster.

TMT is a loaded squad with names like Kyle Wiltjer(Kentucky/Gonzaga), Peyton Aldridge(Davidson), Bryce Alford(UCLA), Nick Johnson(Arizona), Willie Reed(STL), Thomas Welsh(UCLA), Tony Wroten(U Dub), Devin Williams(West VA), and Jacob Wiley(EWU). Phew….this team is nuts and with Carmens Crew now out of the tournament, might we be looking at a squad stacked enough to make a run? I think we all love Herd That but I simply see no way they can compete with a squad with 14(!!!) players on it, all with D-1 exposure. This is a really tough spot for DFS obviously and I think we need to lean on the starting unit even more than usual here. As of right now, we don’t have the starters available but I will list them in the Premium room and this article when they do. TMT was formerly known as Team Fredette and returning players from that squad include Jordon Crawford and Jeff Ledbetter. I will say my favorite targets pre-starting lineup announcements are Tony Wroten(nba experience with Memphis and Philly), Devin Williams(strong rebounder with Euro experience), Bryce Alford(shooter with amazing distance), and Kyle Wiltjer(NBA experience with the Rockets and Raptors). We will be active in the Premium room when lineups drop to give more thoughts!

Favorite Plays: HT: Jon Elmore, TMT: Tony Wroten, Kyle Wiltjer, Devin Williams

The Pick: TMT

Armored Athlete vs Overseas Elite

AA smacked the Clemson Alumni team around and despite letting them back into the game were never really in danger of losing. AA was led by John Roberson(26-3-5), Scott Machado(23-4), Coty Clarke(16-6-4), and Joshua Bostic(15-2). All 4 of these guys are going to have their work cut out for them against Overseas Elite, who have to be considered the overall tournament favorites with Carmens Crew falling. I think Machado and Clarke are capable of doing the heavy lifting and have concerns about Robert/Bostic handling a roster with a plethora of professional experience.

What can I say about Overseas Elite that hasn’t already been said by many others? Stacked doesn’t even begin to describe this insane roster. First things first, Joe Johnson is going to shatter the slate today and you need to find a way to get him into your roster. Johnson spent last year in Ice Cubes 3v3 league and led that league in points and assists while being 2nd in rebounds and steals. Now I know that is a league full of guys who are essentially washed but it’s still impressive. JJ is on a mission to prove he can still play at the highest levels and I think we see him show out big time today. Important roster notes about OE: Deandre Kane has pulled out of the tournament and Jordan Crawford is no longer showing active on their roster. Paris Horne is also listed as a GM/Assistant coach instead of a player so make sure you don’t roster any of these 3 until further notice. Dakarai Tucker(Utah alumni) was a late add to the roster and isn’t in the player pool, which is frustrating since he will likely be a key contributor in this game. This is another game you’re going to want to be in the premium room before lock so that I can update you on the starting lineups and current roster. I will also update the article for easy reference. Pooh Jeter(international experience), Bobby Brown(nba experience), and Devon Baulkman(g league experience) are the other key pieces for this roster to consider for your lineups.

Favorite Plays: AA: Scott Machado, Coty Clarke, OE: Joe Johnson, Pooh Jeter, Bobby Brown, Devon Baulkman

The Pick: Overseas Elite

Main Team Core: Joe Johnson, Scott Machado, Tony Wroten

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