Trucks – Atlanta Motor Speedway- Vet Tix Camping World 200

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The Gander Truck Series continues this week in Atlanta for the Vet Tix Cmapning 200 (130 laps). We have 2 cup drivers in the pool this week, but they arent crazy priced. Lets dive into this week:

Kyle Busch - Highest priced Driver, best driver in the field in trucks. Not much needs to be said. He is starting 6th. He will get to the front fast and lead a lot of laps. Under priced for this race.

Chase Elliott - Starting 13th. Won last Truck race. Why not try your luck again. Does have to lead laps to pay off.

John Hunter Nemechek - GPP only for me this week, has Place Differential but needs a top 10 finish.

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Ocpi Rkisx – Yzxyvjk uwnhji Marena, jmab qevire kp ymj xawdv wb nlowem. Pqv uckp vmmla dy eh cksn. Tq qa wxevxmrk 6ao. Jg mybb hfu kf kyv tfcbh mhza…

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