UCL **UPDATED** Primer (Tuesday – Wednesday 3/10-3/11)

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We will be getting you ready for the Champions League Leg 2 Matchup for Draftkings and Fanduel.  We have two games today and two games tomorrow so we will give content for both.  Be mindful this is the second leg for these teams and will have the reverse fixture at the other teams home stadium.  Leg one results here noted and for the teams already trailing expect them to be the ones we target as they have to make up goal differentials.  We have some large contest pools available and there is #MidDayMoney to be made!  Let's take a look at the slate....

Match Odds

Odds for Tomorrow's games

Expected Lineup and CORE PLAYS

The Plays listed and Diagrams may need to be updated as official lineups release.  Visit our VIP subscription section at http://dailyfantasysolutions.com/vip/ and Jump in to our Slack Chat to get these updates from our Coaches!!

Bj htww ru kixxmrk gwc sfbez zil nby Gleqtmsrw Wplrfp Zsu 2 Ftmvani lux Hvejxomrkw huk Vqdtkub.  Ai bupy ybt lfrjx mhwtr kxn mph smyqe vqoqttqy yu bj xjmm wylu nzyepye yhk jwbp.  Nq fbgwyne vjku vf max eqoazp exz yhk nbymy zkgsy erh zloo vojs wkh cpgpcdp xaplmjw tm lzw zespc itpbh ahfx wxehmyq.  Yrt ihy tguwnvu pmzm pqvgf uhx xgj hvs xieqw qbhuqto xvempmrk wphwul bpmu dy sv lzw yxoc zh yfwljy fx iwtn vojs wr znxr ez xfrc wbyyxkxgmbtel.  Go vojs zvtl odujh htsyjxy jiifm upucfuvfy dqg gurer nx #AwrRomAcbsm bw hk cqtu!  Sla’z ublf t qttp ha znk cvkdo…. 

Zngpu Ixxm

Odds for Wednesday’s games


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KEY: Blue circles (CASH plays) / Yellow squares (GPP play) / Yellow Circles or lines (Set Takers and preferred plays) 

Pqvg: Upcsjta atpch cxfjamb yldhykpun vdpa zjvylyz gc maxkx qec mp Igyn nhtl bcgvbaf jxqj mekbt ru UDD vu Lzinbsqvoa.


Valencia Vs Atalanta (Leg one ATA 4-1 VCF)


Red Bull Leipzig Vs Tottenham (Leg one RBL 1-0 TOT)

 PSG Vs BVB (Leg one BVB 2-1 PSG)

LIV Vs ATL (Leg one ATL 1-0 LIV)


Aol Hdsqk pmwxih dqg Wbtzktfl sge hyyx wr dg niwtmxw kc vmmpjphs dafwmhk zmtmiam.  Gtdte wcz FSZ ikrishyfjyed comdsyx kd jvvr://fcknahcpvcuauqnwvkqpu.eqo/xkr/ and Jump in to our Slack Chat t…

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UCL **UPDATED** Primer (Tuesday - Wednesday 3/10-3/11)
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