VIP includes: Access to every lineup we make in our exclusive chat room + bonus VIP only lineups. Also in this chat room you will be able to; ask us questions, ask us for lineup advice, ask for personalized lineups, and so much more! Plus general chatter with the other VIP’s and our team members. It truly is a great community of people! VIP is truly the best bang for your buck!

*VIP is month to month. Month starts from the day you purchase. For example-purchase on 9/10/17 and receive access until 10/10/17.

Sign up for automatic renewal! By signing up for automatic renewal you are conveniently charged our monthly rate of $50 *Rates and conditions are subject to change and you will be notified.

* Payment of $50 is made on the day you subscribe. You will then be automatically charged $50 each month.

*By signing up, you agree to our terms. We ask that all VIP’s are respectful in VIP and respect the rules of the VIP room.