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Chart is sorted by my matchup totals

The Brewers have the top implied runs total today and the second best hitter in baseball has the top matchup total.

If you want the answer to the best hitter in baseball join our VIP chat and MillerTime-dfsteam will be happy to talk with you. We will ignore Puello since he has a small sample. Our homerun derby article highlights Yelich in depth. http://dailyfantasysolutions.com/home-run-derby-6-7/ A few more plays hitting the top of the ranks and in the top of the vegas totals are Alex Bregman, Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Pete Alonso, Mookie Betts, and J.D. Martinez.

Here is a drill down of batters facing the pitchers allowing over .400 wOBA split.

Soto,Bregman, and Harper are 3 studs we will want exposure to today. If you are stacking the WAS lefties, HOU righties, and PHI lefties are great targets.

The power pool!! Guys facing pitchers allowing the higest ISO splits.

Guess who shows up again? Soto, Bregman, Yelich, and Harper. The Brewers lefties are primed to smash and vegas agrees. For those who like to pay up for pitching (me!!) we will need some value. Batting order will play a big factor come lock time grabbing the best bang for your buck. Below are some options in the drill down pool to consider under $3500 on Fanduel.

*all stats based on 2018-2019

For a detailed explanation of woba and iso check out these posts from fangraphs


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