Xfinity – Darlington Raceway – Toyota 200

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Brad Keselowski - The first question of the day in cash games, is do we take the pole sitter? the 2018 Darlington race winner makes this a tough choice, I can see him leading the first segment and then some (last time he was on pole lead 196 laps). But recently the trend at Darlington has been to fade the pole sitter. Right now, i am leaning that you take Kes in cash and fade in GPP. I think he will lead 100+ laps, because he is really good when he has clean air.

Erik Jones - Last years race winner is starting 20th should lead him to being a chalk play in cash games. He has raced here 3 times in his career and finished 1st, 8th and 5th. Not to often we get a driver of his caliber starting this far back on a track he does well at. Lock him in cash games and move on.

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