Xfinity – Darlington Raceway – Toyota 500

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The Cup series is back once again at Darlington. The race is set for 228 laps, 65 laps shorter than Sunday . Once again there will be no practice of qualifying for this race. There is once again rain in forecast, so if you are playing be prepared for the race to run on either Thursday night or Friday night. Draftkings has done us zero favors in this race, there isnt a lot of value, and the place differential guys are all priced high. Lets Dive into the picks:


Kurt Busch - Kurt finished 3rd, and yet DK only upped his price by 200. He is starting 18th, making him once again a chalk driver in cash games.

The 10K Range - This is a very tough price range today. Will be very hard to have more than 1 of these drivers in your player pool. Harvick is my favorite in this range. He dominated last race, and he gets the #1 pit stall again tonight. He is starting 20th, thus leading not not only dominator potenital but also a solid place differential floor. Next i like Bowman. He looked so fast and comfortable out there Sunday. He starts 19th, and i dont see him having any problems moving through the field tonight. Last 10K guy i like is Kyle Busch. Instead of being scored from 4th tonight and still having to work his way up front, he will be starting 26th, which gives a great place differential points with him. This is a night race, so the track should be a bit different, and i see KB having a lot better showing tonight than Sunday.

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