XFL Week 1 DFS Takeaways

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That was a pretty fun first week! I know this isn’t the NFL or the players aren’t as good, but it’s decent, and the contests are good enough to commit time into this league. Like I said in chat, and other articles, I believe the best way to play this is to use 1 running back. The league is pass heavy and I don’t expect that to change. If you don’t believe just look into the running backs. The running game in this league isn’t the same as the NFL or even the NCAA. Finally, I’m excited about this, and I’m going to recap each week so if you don’t watch the games (you should), then you’ll still be able to understand what’s been going on. Let’s get to it

Seattle 19 at DC 31

What We Learned About DC
  • DC looks like one of the better teams in the league, offensively and defensively
  • Cardale Jones, as we thought, will be one of the top QBs in the league
  • Jones may have more rushing upside than we thought: 9 rushes 28 yards
  • Tyree Jackson did come in a few plays for conversions – slight ding on Jones
  • Eli Rodgers is showing the pedigree: 7-7-73 and will likely be the most steady WR of the group and possibly the league
  • Rashad Ross came in and made an impact on limited opportunity. Due to injuries Ross was put back up in the starting group even lacking a full handle on the playbook. Once he gets the playbook down, He’ll likely be the most expensive WR every week, with the highest upside as well
  • Malachi Dupree got the targets we thought he would at a cheap price tag, but just didn’t make a huge impact in Game 1
  • Pressley was the main RB and got the majority of the carries over Pumphrey (12 vs. 4), but Pumphrey got 3 tagets compared to Pressley who had two. Pressley was able to haul in both targets while Pumphrey only caught 1. 
  • Defenders DST made some plays with a couple picks, a TD, and a blocked kick
What We Learned About Seattle
  • Brandon Silvers was “okay”. The O-line broke down quite a few times and Silvers made mistakes
  • Austin Proehl is the slot WR and Silvers favorite target (10 targets)
  • One of Proehl’s TD’s came on a broken play that led to his yardage total, but the targets were there
  • Keenan Reynolds is still struggling to be a WR. He did get targets but they were all at-or-behind the line of scrimmage
  • Byrd might be a guy to look at in the future, but this offense outside of Proehl might be tough to use
  • Kenneth Farrow did show some juice in the receiving game (4-4-14) and had 7 carries for 41 yards. It’s a RBBC with Gardner also getting 9 carries, but no catches. Williams also mixed in with a few carries and did have 4 catches and a TD — Gross for Fantasy
  • Seattle’s defense wasn’t great, but I don’t think they are terrible. The game was tied for awhile until DC pulled away late – People will overreact to this and think they are horrible

LA 17 at Houston 37

What We Learned About LA
  • LA will be a way better when Josh Johnson returns. Kanoff was terrible
  • Nelson Spruce is certainly the best WR on this team and looks to be one of the best in the league. If you remember him from Hard Knocks, he can get open (15-11-103). When Johnson comes back, he will be a top target for me.
  • Jordan Smallwood is the only other player that did anything (6-3-28, TD) but I’d say that’s more on Kanoff than anything else right now
  • The running game was terrible, but Hood did get the majority of the work (12 carries) but wasn’t used in the passing game – that was Larry Rose, but he stunk
  • Wildcats defense was bad, they had no answer for PJ Walker on the other side
What We Learned About Houston
  • PJ Walker, was the best value QB on the slate, and ended up being the top QB on the slate. He showed good chemistry with his WR’s and spread it around. He was also about to pick up points on the ground with 4-26. He won’t be that cheap again
  • The WR corps we knew were stacked, validated our thoughts. With the DFS focus on Coates (Pedigree) and Lewis (role/price), Cam Phillips came through for a nice 9-4-67 and a touchdown. Also note-worthy, Phillips ran the most routes. 
  • Coates got the targets, but much like his NFL time, disappointed by not making the most of his targets. He will have good games, but the floor is low. 
  • As shown in the above breakdown, this offense can support multiple WRs
  • To the surprise of many, Butler led the way in carries with 9-30 to go along with 2-2-20 in the passing game. Henderson was a non-factor, and Andre Williams trolled us yet again. Williams did have a catch which is a big surprise, but probably just luck
  • Houston’s defense handled LA easily, but with Johnson in there, I believe it would have been a much closer game

Tampa Bay 3 at New York 23

What We Learned About Tampa Bay
  • A total disappointment, top to bottom.
  • Aaron Murray looks absolutely terrible. He couldn’t avoid the pass rush and threw 2 bad picks. Flowers may push him this week, and if Murray does start, the leash will be short.
  • Murray did spread it around when he got it out, and it was Williams who made the most of it (9-6-123)
  • If TB can get a little better QB play, all the WRs are viable. (Williams, Horn, Tolliver, and Truesdale (he’s a TE))
  • De’Von Smith was main back getting 16 carries for 79 yards along with a catch for 8. This makes sense with what we know about Trestman. Patrick did get 8-32, but I’m still confident using Smith
  • Vipers defense was okay, but did give up big plays to set up NY for scoring opps.
What We Learned About New York
  • Matt McGloin played decent. He wasn’t asked to do a bunch, and wasn’t needed to. He didn’t make mistakes, and that can go along way in this league
  • I was surprised to see how much Joe Horn Jr was involved 7-2-27, but he wasn’t able to do much with the opportunity. Mekale McKay didn’t have the big stat line, but he made plays, and the big days will come. Colby Pearson was looked to a bunch and certainly has chemistry with McGloin
  • It’s an RBBC for New York with Victor getting 9 carries and Cook getting 4. Cook did have a 1 yard TD taken off the board.
  • Guardians defense dominated the Vipers, and should be one of the better defenses

St. Louis 15 at Dallas 9

What We Learned About St. Louis
  • This team isn’t as good as the others. Jordan Ta’amu played very well due to his ability to rush the ball. We need to take this into account for next week
  • The top 4 WRs are the ones that do all the damage and are probably the only ones to use moving forward. Washington is the one that stood out to me.
  • Christine Michael had 7 carries and honestly you wouldn’t have known he was even on the team if they didn’t say his name. Matt Jones is the one that led the way with 21 carries for 85 yards and had 1 target. 
  • STL DST played well against Nelson, but this game would have been much different with Landry Jones healthy.
What We Learned About Dallas
  • Dallas needs Landry Jones to be a good team. Their offense was below average without him.
  • Tons of WRs got targets in this game and that’s something to remember next week.
  • With the Badet injury news late in the week, it did seem to set him back, as he wasn’t able to get open often enough.
  • The runningbacks were involved in the passing game with Dunbar getting 6-6-29 and Artis-Payne getting 4-4-13. This is likely a product of Nelson being the Qb than a scheme.
  • Jazz Ferguson wasn’t a factor and looked bad
  • Dallas defense played okay as they limited big plays, but they didn’t have an answer for JT’s rushing ability, and that was the difference in the game

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