XFL Week 5 Review

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Seattle 23 at Houston 32

What We Learned About Seattle

  • BJ Daniels is the starter moving forward. His rushing ability gives this offense life and can make things happen. His passing was terrible, but it can only get better. If I can get 10 rushing attempts a game that’s gold. That’s in the Lamar Jackson range of attempts
  • The WRs are still pretty much worthless. Proehl playing the slot probably has the highest floor, but it’s still low on list for me compared to other teams WRs
  • Keenan Reynold’s was in good spots in the weeks prior, but with the lack of completions he didn’t do anything. Possibly a week more of practice will help
  • Farrow is the best back, but it’s still a split

What We Learned About Houston

  • Walker-Phillips is the best combo in the game.
  • Walker still playing well, even though he had two picks. The passing volume just trumps everyone else. It doesn’t matter what the score is
  • Cam Phillips is a beast and he continued his dominance
  • Sam Mobley filled in (and hopefully stole the job) for Sammy Coates. He was 2nd in targets
  • Nick Holley had a busted play to get into the zone for a big gain. That regression is lurking
  • Lewis was banged up but still did decent
  • Don’t be fooled by Andre Williams involvement. Most came in the first quarter and he had a few big gains in a row so they gave it to him a bunch — in one drive

New York 30 at Dallas 12

What We Learned About New York

  • This team is still bad, but Perez looks like the starter for now. 
  • Victor solidified the starting role with 15 carries. He’s the better traditional back
  • McKay did well, but didn’t get into the end zone. He will continue to be held back by the qb
  • Pearson, is the only other guy with potential to be used. Horn is dust

What We Learned About Dallas

  • Phillip Nelson is terrible, and this team won’t be nearly as good without Landry Jones. Nelson played so poorly and threw 49 times.
  • All the WR numbers are inflated, but Parham still lead the way with 9 targets
  • He’s an every week option
  • The Rbs greatly disappointed but the split continued
  • They got the targets, but defenses were all over them. Nothing could be done
  • Downgrade until Landry is back

St. Louis 6 at DC 15

What We Learned About Both Teams

  • This game was dreadful
  • Both teams played so bad and did absolutely nothing
  • The lone bright spot was Washington who is the #1 in this offense. Pierson-El finally showed was he should be with the limited snaps he gets
  • Jackson replaced Jones as the QB for the Defenders. He couldn’t throw whatsoever, so he just ran. His defense played well and gave them good field position
  • Pressley ran well so they kept doing it. He had over 100 on the ground
  • STL was not aggressive enough when they were losing. The had no answer for DC’s defense.

Tampa Bay 34 at LA 41

What We Learned About Tampa

  • This game was much better. Cornelius played well and had a rushing TD. He was the highest scoring QB on the slate.
  • Tolliver came through at his depressed price. That will be the last time that happens. Horn is always open too
  • Smith continued his great running, but he got more than normal with Patrick getting concused. 
  • Dan Williams is a big body out there and he’s going to get consistent looks every game. This is a sneaky team now that they are gelling

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