12/4 NBA DFS Breakdown

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Golden State Warriors 

  • Russell – start off by saying he is Questionable tonight and will hurt the Warriors value if he is back. 
  • Green – cheap and good match up 
  • Paschall – will take a step back if Russell is back, but love him tonight if Russell is out 
  • Have to wait on news with Russell 

Charlotte Hornets 

  • Graham – Great match up, should have no problem smashing value tonight 
  • Biyombo / Zeller – whoever is starting i like and the backup is a great GPP Play 

Phoenix Suns 

  • Booker – hasnt had the break out game, if Rubio is out, might happen tonight vs weak Magic squad 
  • Rubio – runs this team, currently questionable 
  • Oubre Jr – Been playing great lately. 48 and 33.75 last 2
  • Saric – Baynes is out, Love Saric tonight vs Vucless Magic. 
  • Kaminsky – price bump should start for Baynes 
  • Diallo – fav GPP play with Baynes out 

Orlando Magic 

  • Fournier – 35+ in last 4. picking up the scoring with Vuc out. 
  • Isaac – GPP play so up and down. never know what you will get
  • Gordon – I dislike Gordon as a player, but he is in a decent spot tonight 
  • Fultz – finally getting over 30 minutes a game. Scored 34.5 in 2 straight 
  • Birch – Been better than Mo Bamba, filling in nicely for Vuc. 

Milwaukee Bucks 

  • Antetokounmpo – Stud, slower pace game, match up proof, him or Doncic tonight 
  • Middleton – back from injury, Bucks blowing people out limiting his minutes 
  • Lopez Brothers – like who ever is starting vs Drum 

Detroit Pistons

  • Drummond – Smashed last night. Should handle Either Lopez tonight 
  • Griffin – Will get you around 32-36 DK points and thats about it. Price is nice though 

Miami Heat 

  • Butler – Dragic is out, Butler is main man in Miami
  • Adebayo – should clean the glass tonight vs Boston 
  • Winslow – increased usage with Dragic out.
  • Nunn and Hero – fades to me due to match up 

Boston Celtics 

  • Miami is a good defensive team, Boston is a bunch of GPP darts tonight

Brooklyn Nets 

  • Dinwiddie – Irving is still out, its the Dinwiddie show. LOVE this match up tonight, price is tough though
  • Allen – Allen vs Atlanta bigs, sign me up 

Atlanta Hawks 

  • Young – always in play. Plus match up. Tough for cash with price and Donic and Ante on the slate
  • Not a fan of any of Hawk 

Indiana Pacers

  • Sabonis – easy match up vs Thunder, should smash tonight 
  • Brogdon – Match up with Paul doesnt scare me like it once did. 
  • Lamb – Shooter who likes to shoot 
  • Tuner – been a down year for Turner. GPP Play 
  • Warren – love his game. been solid this year for Pacers

Oklahoma City Thunder 

  • No to OKC tonight 

Memphis Grizzles 

  • Valanciunas – if he is playing he is in a smash spot. To bad his price is so high 
  • Hard to guess what Grizzle is going to go off. Brooks / Jackson / Jones / Crowder / Cabolco are Grizzles i like tonight 

Chicago Bulls 

  • LaVine – Plus match up vs Griz at home 
  • Hate all Bulls Bigs 

Minnesota Timber-wolves 

  • Towns – Dont see Mavs being able to slow him down. Price is tough 
  • Wiggins – Mavs worst spot on D is wing. 
  • Covington – See Wiggins 

Dallas Mavericks 

  • Doncic – its the Luka Show, ALL IN on him tonight 
  • Porzingis – foul trouble kept him from a huge night, will be needed tonight vs Towns. 

Los Angeles Lakers

  • James and Davis – only 2 Lakers i will Roster 

Utah Jazz 

  • Mitchell – Conley is out, look for more ball handing from him 
  • Mudiay – only true point guard for Jazz, should start. 
  • Exum – should see more minutes with Exum out 
  • Gobert – Fade for me 
  • Bogdanovic – best Jazz to date in my mind 

Sacramento Kings 

  • Hield – Will need to score to keep Kings in the game
  • Holmes – Match up with Whiteside doesnt scare me, Athletic big 

Portland Trailblazers 

  • Lillard / McMollum – 1-2 for Blazers 
  • Anthony – Playing really well for Blazers
  • Whiteside 

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