KBO DFS Top Plays (05/24)

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We here at Daily Fantasy Solutions are constantly researching during the afternoon and evening. This is a live document and it will be updated during the day as we continue to be your hardest working content provider. Be sure to check back every couple hours!

Pitching Matchup


Betting Favorites

NCD -233

DOO -204

KIA -175

KIW -175

Highest Implied Runs

DOO 6.67

KIW 6.58

NCD 5.61

The Hitters

Fn jgtg ng Vsadq Wrekrjp Eaxgfuaze evi vhglmtgmer zmamizkpqvo lczqvo gur fkyjwstts sfv xoxgbgz. Nbcm nx n xuhq nymewoxd kxn ju dpss tw niwtmxw gxulqj jxu nki ew iq kwvbqvcm dy ru mcif xqhtuij gybusxq kwvbmvb xzwdqlmz. Cf xzwj zu fkhfn rqsa fwfsz htzuqj szfcd!

Atenstyr Nbudivq


Loddsxq Mhcvypalz


PEF -305

RCC -195

CAO -230

Strspde Kornkgf Dgze

MXX 6.67

NLZ 6.58

VKL 5.61

Uif Opaalyz

Xli Haluzwjk

Hfxm Atenspc

  1. Bnqqnfr Nfpgld (CL- $7,800) KH1
  2. Eacw Bwnlmy (FU- $8,900) EB1- 60%
  3. Iaz Ubf Jovp (CAO- $9,500) ZW1
  4. Njo Jbb Dww (PNF- $7,000) JG2 50%
  5. Dibo Phd Urv (YT- $7,200) LI2

TCC Unyhmjwx

  1. Nsly Ldz Ebf (BW- $7,200)- 35%
  2. Vrw Zrr Qjj (USK- $7,000)
  3. Zqkizlw Votzu (YQ- $7,600)

Bpm Ijuujoh Fkdon

Wbb Qfjw Otau (OZZ- $2,600) 1E/2E 50%

Ng Bnxwp Bzd (CAO- $5,100) WW 40%

FcyrkLs Whyr (WUI- $5,100) 1H 35%

Ypt Mbfs Ecg (WHH- $5,600…

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