Mizmatches Week 11

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  • Drew Brees: Man did Brees crap the bed last week. Just when you’re down on DB, he comes out with a huge performance. Sunday he will go up against the Bucs and we know by now what the Bucs are al about. Amazing against the run, terrible vs the pass. You’re telling me I can get Drew Brees against the worst pass defense? Sign me up. We know by now how good Michael Thomas is, and we want to play him, we can double up with his quarterback. I expect Kamara to be much more involved this week, and let’s not forget how great of a pass catching back he has been over the last few years. It’s expensive but you can get in DB, Kamara, and Thomas to get likely all the New Orleans touchdowns.
  • Ryan Finley: hahah I’m sure you’re like wtf is he doing? Do you not know how bad the Raiders are against the pass? They are basically a clone of the Bucs defense and we’ve already explained why we want Brees in the same scenario. The knock would be that Finley is “bad” or the Bengals are “bad”, but he’s super cheap and stacking him with Boyd and/or Tate, creates a ton of cap room to spend up at other spots. The Raiders continue to be bad against the pass, and should lead in this game. This, ideally, would force the Bengals to throw to catch up. Sign me up
  • Honorable Mention: Watson, Brady, Jameis, Lamar (always)


  • Leonard Fournette: 4net is back off the bye, and it’s a great matchup for him to get back in the end zone. His usage is insane, the only thing holding him back this year is the lack of touchdowns. I do not expect the Jags to want Foles dropping back 50 times with his newly healed shoulder. They will lean on 4net, and he gets in the end zone this week.
  • Marlon Mack: After a disappointment last week, Mack is in a sneaky good spot again this week. Brissett is also coming back from and injury and will want to keep him out of harms way. After losing Darreous, the Jags are allowing nearly 5 yards per carry. This is a spot where Mack can stay in the game with it being close and has the ability to break long runs.
  • Honorable Mention: obviously the big 3, Jacobs, Sanders, Coleman, Singletary, Mostert

Wide Receiver

  • Tyler Boyd: After having a hot start, Boyd has come back down to earth. However he’s still top 5 in targets and top 10 in receptions. The Raiders as mentioned before, are top 5 worst DVOA against the pass and top 5 fantasy points allowed to WRs. He’s continuing to be cheap every week, and this is the spot he takes advantage of it. I also can easily swap over to Auden Tate, who can jump over these corners for TDs.
  • Julian Edelman: How have we forgotten about the squirrel? I know a lot of people like Sanu this week, and I do too, but Edelman should come in extremely low owned and is going up against a terrible defense in the Eagles. JE is getting double digit targets nearly every game, and if the Eagles can’t guard anyone, this leaves room for lots of YAC. JE will score this week again, and have more than 7 catches.
  • Honorable Mention: Cooper, Thomas, Tate, Ridley, Samuel, Bourne (if E. Sanders sits), Godwin, McLaurin

Tight End

  • Ross Dwelley: this one is pretty simple. Kittle is out, and it’s a tight end against the Cardinals. Also the price is super cheap, to make the amount of risk diminished. In all seriousness, he’s getting the targets and the opportunity will be there for him to make plays to easily pay off.
  • Dallas Goedert: it always feels uneasy using a “backup” tight end. However, Goedert really isn’t a back up. He’s playing “starter” level snaps, and the Eagles are depleted at WR. Take that and add on the amount of plays that the Eagles are using two tight ends, and we have a receipt for DG to do well. The matchup is somewhat tough, but this is a bet on talent+opportunity+price.
  • Honorable Mention: Cook, Howard, Boyle, Hockenson, Fells


  • 49ers
  • Cardinals
  • Jets
  • Vikings
  • Ravens
  • Panthers

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