Mizmatches Week 9

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  • Jameis Winston: Welp we are right back to Jameis this week. I will say, that there are much better plays at QB, so don’t feel like you have to play these guys. You can get different enough with the other positions. That being said, I like Jameis and his receivers this week. The Bucs defense is one of the best against the run, which is what the Seahawks love to do. This in turn should force the Seahawks to pass more than normal. This sets up well for Jameis to throw it around this week. Seattle has been middle of the pack and they gave up a ton of yards to Matt Schaub. I know a lot of this was in playing catch up, but they still aren’t very good. Jamies will throw it 35-40 times, and Seattle won’t be able to bleed the clock like usual. Fire up GODwin and/or Mike Evans to pair with him. Newly acquired Diggs shuts down tight ends, so I’m not making Brate a priority.
  • Aaron Rodgers: As I’ve said in prior articles, the Chargers defense is just not what it used to be. Too many injuries to sustain a high level of play. They are giving it up via the run, and via the pass. Adams is supposed to be back (he’s hurdling dudes in practice..) which gives a major boost to Rodgers (although he might not even need it). He’s been playing with all the backups over the last few weeks, and has dominated. Aaron Jones has a sore shoulder, so I expect them to lean on Rodgers a bit more here this week. The Chargers are giving up the 8th most passing yards per game and with Adams healthy, I’m going to these two this week
  • Honorable Mention: Stafford, Carr, Darnold, Wentz ← I really like all of these

Running Back

  • Nick Chubb: best player in the league that isn’t being used enough. If they leaned more on him, he would be one of the most talked about players in every form of media. The Browns are so bad at play calling, that they try to get away from him and let Baker throw picks and/or take sacks. Everyone is going to be on Samuels, CMC, and Cook that he’s naturally going to be lower owned. He’s done very well the last few weeks, and did very well against the “Scary Patriots Defense”. We’ve seen in multiple games that Chubb has the ability to take it from anywhere on the field, and I expect them to continue the same. I certainly am of the belief that the Broncos defense is improved, especially against the run, but as I said above, he can do it against anyone.
  • Lev Bell: it’s the Dolphins. I expect everyone is done with him after that performance last week. He went to the idiot Gase and has asked for the Ball. The squeaky wheel. It’s now or never and if you want to play him, this is your last chance. If he stinks, then we won’t play him, but if he does well, he’ll probably be too expensive next week. 
  • Honorable Mention: Obviously CMC, Cook, Samuels, but also Aaron Jones, Royce Freeman, Phillip Lindsay, Josh Jacobs, Derrick Henry

Wide Reciever

  • Chris GODwin/Mike Evans: see above with Winston
  • Devante Adams: See Above with Rodgers. He’s coming off of injury. This will be the lowest ownership he has probably the rest of the season.
  • Tyreek Hill: News flash, Xavier Rhodes isn’t good anymore. He’s allowing a catch on 85% of passes thrown against him. Tyreek is going to dust him and Matt “IDGAF” Moore isn’t afraid to sling it. Tyreek goes nuts this week
  • Honorable Mention: Kenny Golladay, Tyrell Williams, Stefon Diggs, Robby Anderson

Tight End

  • Darren Waller: he’s getting a ton of targets, a ton of catches, and seeing redzone work. He catches the ball when it’s thrown to him and he has YAC ability. Diggs is gone from Detroit who was shutting down TEs. This is a great spot for Waller, although he will likely be popular. He’s basically a WR2 at TE.
  • Greg Olsen: He’s getting the looks and always has the ability to run after the catch. The Titans have a solid defense, but as we said last week, they are getting beat by the tight end. Don’t be scared of Old Greg (bonus points if you know that reference)
  • Eric Ebron: TY is out who was Brissett’s favorite target. I expect Ebron to see more snaps while he’s out, and as we saw last week, he’s still a major redzone threat.
  • Honorable Mention: Jonnu Smith, TJ Hockenson, Zach Ertz (especially if DJax plays)

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