MNF Showdown Walkthrough: Vikings at Seahawks (-2.5)

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Tonight we get a good game with the Vikings taking on the Seahawks in Seattle with a Total of 50. This should be a good game as both teams have good records and been putting up points all season. Both teams really focus on the run, so this could be a grind it out back and forth game as well. If one team somehow jumps out to a lead it I still expect the other team to continue to run the ball while playing catch up. Both teams have players what get a majority of their touches/targets, which helps us in the fantasy world. On the MIN side, Thelien is still out this week so Bisi Johnson will continue to be a thing. With AT out, Diggs’ role hasn’t changed very much as the his targets have remained in the 5-6 range. Bisi is seeing between 4-7 targets and Rudolph is a red-zone threat and really just that. Irv Smith is probably the most interesting option on the team, as he’s very athletic and technically can line up anywhere, even acting as a WR at times. Dalvin Cook is one of the true workhorse, 3 down RBs left in the game and will get all the work that he can handle (running or receiving) as long as the game is somewhat close. On the Seahawks side, the real question is what will happen with Carson and Penny. One thing We’ve learned over the years is that Pete Carroll is a yes man and avoids ever saying anything bad, and praises his guys, only to pull the rug out from under us. This will likely be the decision that decides rosters this evening so plan accordingly. Tyler Lockett is playing tonight and has remained a consistent fantasy option despite making it happen through a majority of big plays. Jacob Hollister is the main TE for the Seahawks now and that position has remained a viable fantasy asset no matter who is out there. Josh Gordon hasn’t done much yet for this Seattle team, but if you think tonight is the night he sees more snaps and looks, than you could be in for a lot of money. That could also go the other direction so plan accordingly.


  • Both teams keep it close and run the ball. This puts Cook in play, but it remains to be seen what Seattle will do with their RBs. Hollister, Diggs, Bisi, Lockett, they all remain involved here as they are the ones soaking up the targets. I’d try to use whatever player you think scores the most tonight in the captain spot if it’s close.
  • One team could jump out in front early, thus increasing the passing volume for the other team. I would say that the Seahawks are more likely to lead (not that much more likely) so that’d throw the pass catchers from the Vikings to fill much of my roster

Favorite Captains

  • Russell Wilson
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Steph Diggs
  • Jacob Hollister

Favorite Values

  • Irv Smith
  • Jacob Hollister
  • Josh Gordon
  • Bisi Johnson

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