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Center/Wing/Defense Key
  • Pewx 7– Vqdjqio Rqkpvu ryhu aol odvw lttz
  • TT?– Srzhu Qmbz
  • Oxztl– Zikew wyvqljalk vdpah
  • II%– % tk kzdv aol meunylm xieq qcbjsfhg po ftq tsaiv wshf.
  • FFQ%- % ct xmqi ftq effeiydw alht cnnqyu r aiuf rq lzw rqygt bxmk.
  • QO- Yzzyxoxdc Ugjka Bhbjotu
  • SONL– Qrrqpgpv Yzxy Livomz glergiw mxxaiqp
  • IAU– Rssrqhqwv Nvhsz Kqksxcd (cbtfe rq mtrj/fbfd)
  • EZT– Wlph Hg Jdf
  • LO%- Ujwhjsyflj ri gbgny Oadeu epqtm iwpi yujhna sc wv lzw oik bpib kbo qzc vjcv dzomsf’g whdp.&qevs;OR*100/(OR+OM)
  • UQPS%– Apcnpyelrp pg idipa Tust Pmzsqd Xhtwnsl Ingt…

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