TNF Showdown Walkthrough: 49ers (-10) at Cardinals

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Hooray we get another great game! Not… This is another one side matchup against NFC West Rivals with the 49ers getting on a quick flight to Arizona where they are favored by 10. The 49ers are one of the most straight-forward teams we have at this point. Run the ball (58% of the time) pass a few times (Kittle and Sanders) and play lights out defense. The Cardinals are going to be without DJ and Edmonds, leaving only Zenner and newly acquired Kenyon Drake. I love the Drake, but this is a bad spot for him to get traded, not to mention it being a short week. He will likely be involved, but I’m not sure he will do much. There’s not much else to say here so let’s get right to the scenarios.


  • It’s really hard to imagine anything other than the Niners controlling this game. They will run it with Coleman and Kittle will be wide open over the middle since Arizona can’t cover the TE. Sanders will likely get 5 targets on screens/underneath passes like he did last week. The passing volume will likely be minimal so for these guys to pay off, they have to be efficient with their targets. Peterson will likely stay outside so that will likely take out whoever they deem the sacrificial lamb tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if thats Petis since he’s fallen so far into the doghouse. Deebo and Goodwin are both dart throws as they might get 2 targets each the entire game. Godwin has done this before for a big time game or two. The Cardinals really might pass the whole game. With Drake just getting to town, the plays might be vanilla for him and the Niners defense is for real. Larry Fitz has the ability, still, to use his body and footwork to get open against anyone. The question is if Kyler has enough time to find him. Kyler has the ability to run around and scramble so he is viable for the piece of Cardinals you will need, but it’s likely to be ugly for them. Kirk came back last week and still has homerun potential, but their line is so bad, it’s going to take a broken play for kyler to get him the ball. 
  • I don’t see this going any other way unless the Cardinals defense can force Jimmy G to throw a pick and/or fumble. If the Cardinals can make something happen like that or on special teams they’ll have a shot, but other than that, it’s hard for me to see anything else happening.

Favorite Captains

  • Tevin Coleman
  • George Kittle
  • Emmanuel Sanders
  • Matt Brieda
  • Niners Def
  • Marquise Goodwin

Favorite Values

  • Marquise Goodwin
  • Damiere Byrd
  • Kickers
  • Zach Zenner

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