TNF Showdown Walkthrough: Chargers (-1) at Raiders

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Tonight we get an old rivalry game with the Chargers coming to Oakland to face the Raiders. These two teams have had quite the roller coaster season thus far, and for very different reasons. The Raiders had to deal with a legit insane player who tried his best to cripple the team. They stood their ground, and have totally bounced back from it. I can’t imagine building an offense around a star player just for him to turn on you and try to destroy the team. Carr has managed to put together a few really good games after starting off slow (understandably so). They’ve begun to lean on their workhorse back in Jacobs, and when he drops back he’s distributing the ball to multiple receivers. Waller has been a diamond in the rough that Gruden has gotten the most out of thus far this season. He’s been near the top of target leaders, especially for his position, and can line up anywhere on the field. Tyrell Williams, former Charger, has been Mr. Reliable, scoring in every game except one. “Average Joe Hunter Renfroe” as come on as of late, and Zay Jones might be a legit threat moving forward. There’s a ton of options for Carr and Gruden to use, and they’re going to get everyone involved. The Chargers were thought to be a playoff team coming into the season, but in Charger fashion, that hope has quickly evaporated with some terrible losses and poor performances on both sides of the ball. Gordon is back, Wisenhunt is out, and the offense, seemingly, is playing differently. We only have one game to go off of, but the new OC Steichen is KISSing this offense into the end zone. (Keep It Simple Stupid). They played faster last game, but the question is if that’s for real or not. Gordon and Ekler are still splitting and are still involved. The spread is close, the total is high, it’s Thursday and it’s time for scenarios:
  • The Chargers are slight favorites and we have to figure out how that applies to their scoring. The Oakland defense is really good agains the run and god-awful against the pass. This sets up well for Phil-Riv and the Chargers pass catchers. Mike-Will-Made-It finally got 100 yards, but the touchdowns haven’t come yet. This is prime spot for positive regression and I believe he’s in your lineup regardless of scenario. Hunter Henry leads Tight Ends in almost every category since he came back and Rivers wants this kid to succeed. The Raiders are straight up bad at covering every position so again, it’s a great spot. Keenan Allen has had some bad games recently and he’s much more a possession receiver than he is a big-play/TD player. He cannot be discredited due to the matchup either. With all that said, Rivers will likely be the highest owned Captain tonight. If the Chargers are getting their TDs through the air, then the Raiders are going to play catch up. As mentioned above, the Raiders are spreading the ball around. Waller and Tyrell are the main focus, but Zay Jones (Gruden went out and got him) is seeing time and targets. He’s priced like a guy that sees 10 snaps, when he’s playing over 90%. He has to be in your lineup in this scenario, as it will let you get just about everyone else. This scenario though would hurt Jacobs, while capable of catching passes, he’s really not doing so yet. 
  • The Chargers defense sucks all around, but they did play well last week. They still can get beat on the ground and the Raiders want to lean on Jacobs. He’s been running well and can contribute in all areas if needed. He’s a strong captain pick and has a rushing prop total over 80. In this scenario, the Chargers pass catchers are still extremely good plays. Not only do they get the matchups we like, the script follows suit. The Raiders are still going to pass here and there, so using the guys that are on the field the most, followed by target share are a great way to go. The only obstacle I really see outside of a Bosa pass rush is Hayward on Tyrell. Being former teammates, they know each other in and out, and could make things difficult for Williams.
Favorite Captains
  • Jacobs
  • Rivers
  • Mike Williams
  • Henry
  • Waller
Favorite Values
  • Zay Jones
  • Atman
  • Patton
  • Chargers Def (sacks)
  • Moreau

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