TNF Showdown Walkthrough: Colts at Texans (-3.5)

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Tonight we have the Colts coming in to play the Texans. Texans are coming off the sore ass from the beating they took by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. Outside of Watt (who is on IR) they Texans are pretty healthy as they will have Will Fuller back for this contest. He does a lot of stretching of the defense so help open things under neath and the more help Watson can get the better. The Colts are coming off a beating of their own where they laid down the law to the Jags. Mack is out so we have a garage full of horses ready to run to paydirt in Williams, Wilkins, and Hines. The first two are the between the tackles backs, and Hines is your pass catching back. Scenarios will be important on how to roster these guys, if at all, this evening. TY, the Texan Beater, Hilton is back for this contest, and he should be popular. He will likely get the most targets regardless of script, but the TE’s and Pascal have come alive in his absence. The Colts are a run heavy team and the Texans are a pass heavy team — when things are going their respective ways, so your builds tonight will rely more on the scripts more than ever. Let’s get to it!


  • If the Texans are going to win this game its going to be on the back of Watson one way or another. With all his weapons at his disposal, there are a ton of ways to go. Kenny Stills has shined when all 4 are healthy, and in this previous matchup. Atkins and Fells are manning the TE position and there should be plenty of looks over the middle with the safeties focusing on the big names on the outside. Hyde is your running-back and Duke is your passing-back. The script would likely favor Hyde as a favorite, but 3rd down and long has been popular for the Texans. Insert Duke. This would leave the Colts getting away from their run heavy approach and having to pass. Hilton is obvious, but Hines would be the back of choice in this scenario. Ebron has been more involved since talking about targets, and Doyle is Mr. Reliable. People don’t believe Pascal is good, but he is, and he would be my favorite choice out of all of them in this scenario.
  • Colts run the ball to death and use all three backs, and that would be a nightmare for us DFS players. Choosing the correct one is going to be extremely difficult. That leaves us with Watson again on the other side, with his pass catchers. Hopkins has the floor, but Fuller and Stills have the slate breaking upside and lower ownership to take you to the top

Favorite Captains

  • Fuller
  • Still
  • Pascal
  • Atkins

Favorite Values

  • Atkins
  • Fells
  • Hines
  • Pascal
  • Defenses

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